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Possible STI Infection


I have visited a massage parlour but it looked like a brothel in disguise, there I licked the body of a massage lady( only her back and neck, then I fingered her for more the five minutes and she was wet, I also sucked her breast.Other activity I performed was doggy style humping for ten minutes, I had my trousers on all the times, and she has her panties on,  she also sat on me  rubbed her vagina  while sitting on me, during all the times I had my trousers own, there was no penetrative sex no oral anal sex etc no kissing lip to lip.

After four days, I went to doctor and they performed all STI tests Including HIV  and results came negative, but I searched on net that test conducted after fours days are not reliable. Today doctor again performed test for Chlamyda, Gonorrhea Urine sample and my test are due to come this week, For HIV Syphilis test will be performed after a month.

What are my chances or getting STI ? Just to mention I bite my nails and some times skin, the finger I used was just I would not say cut but hangnail and other fingers were too, but not open bleeding deep cut wound.

I have no rash, bumps, sore blisters after 16 days but slight irritation in the tip of my pennies, ever slight discomfort in my lower belly, no discharge etc. Also there is painless spot on one side of my testical.

Should I worry for STI HIV infection.
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Thx for the answer.

I had a sexual encounter six months ago, kissing the body of the girl (sex worker)  only.. no penetrative sex and humping from behind with trousers on I got it checked twice for all STI,s  Including HIV, after five months and recently after this episode some ten days ago test came negative.

Though I am anxious to death with this particular encounter on the 20th of November, as I have mentioned in detail what really happened, no penetrative sex not anal sex or oral.

Just kissing on the body breast sucking and fingering for around seven minutes and she was quite wet.

Why I am worrying.. because as I have mentioned in my previous request that I bite my nails and sometime I pealed the skin and it is ever slightly cut with tiny particle of blood which got healed within few hours, and that day I could see some redness on my fingers because during the day I have bit my nails.

Can you comment on that please in terms of risk.

Many Thx

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I commented on the nail biting. If the skin was not open, you had no risk for herpes.

Herpes would be the ONLY risk from fingering - no other STI spreads this way.

Redness doesn't mean broken skin.

Anxiety and/or guilt doesn't equal risk.

Today I have received my results for chlamydia, gonorrhoea ( urine test)  which came negative, these test were taken after 16 days of my encounter with the sex worker so called massage lady,I think sixteen days are enough time to detect these two particular STIs, I would also mention that on he 24th of Nov my blood and urine samples were taken for all kind of STIs including HIV, Which too were negative, though it was not enough tome for reliable testing time frame.

I appreciate all your comments and help and I had presented my case in detail, specially with the nail biting and sometime chewing the skin ever slightly, I would not say open wound or cut but yes,, sometime I can see little blood.


* Slight burning sensation under my navel area
* Strange sensation inside my thighs ( upper thighs
* Today I had sore throat which is now better

In all my adult life of 42 years I have ever fingered once and it can damage my life for forever.

Your further help will be appreciated

You had NO RISK. Your life is not damaged from fingering someone.

No STD gives you a burning sensation under your navel area. I don't know what that is, but it's not related to any of this. If it continues, see a doctor.

A strange sensation inside your thighs sounds like a hyper-focus on the area with anxiety. It's not an STD.

A transient sore throat doesn't sound like anything serious, and certainly isn't an STD. You did nothing that would cause an oral STD, and your sore throat could be from allergies, dry air, the start of a cold, etc.

You had NO RISK from fingering anyone. It doesn't matter what shape your fingernails are in unless they are open and bleeding, and then the ONLY risk is herpes on your fingers. Yours are not open and bleeding.

You do not have an STD from these encounters. You have anxiety, and I really hope you talk to someone about it.
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You had no risk for any STI infection, including HIV.

Your pants were on the entire time, and no STI can go through your clothing. Even if she was wet, and your pants got wet, you can't be infected this way.

If the skin on your fingers was intact - no open wounds - you have no risk from fingering. There is a slight risk from fingering if she has genital herpes for getting something called herpetic whitlow (herpes on the fingers), but since you had no open wounds, you aren't at risk.

Unless you've had oral, vaginal or anal sex at some previous time,  you don't need all this testing. You had no risk from this encounter.
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