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Possible STI from erotic massage?


I had a massage 8 days ago with a happy ending. It was a nuru massage, meaning we were both naked. The experience is as follows:

– full body massage
– hand sanitized used before handjob (both of us)
– she gave me a handjob with lots of oil
– hand sanitizer used after handjob (both of us)
– I touched the outside of her vagina
– She never touched her own genitalia
– took a shower with soap immediately when I got home
– no genital rubbing
– most likely no transfer of fluids

I now, 8 days later, have small red bumps with a white top on the upper part of my penis shaft. They are not painful and they don't seem to be blisters or sores. There is no burning/tingling sensation and I am not in pain or itching. When touched, they are also not painful. It could also be a reaction to the soap i used to wash my penis afterwards. I don’t have any body aches, pains, or any other prodrome symptoms. Other than the bumps, there doesn’t seem to be any other obvious symptoms.

I did have COVID about a month ago though so I’m unsure if that is a factor or not.

I’m now worried that this bump/itchy spot could be the beginning of a herpes (whether that be hsv1 or 2). I have been tested for hsv1 and hsv2 (IgG) before and took another a couple days ago to use as a baseline for when/if I eventually need to retest and I’m negative for both (<0.9). This is my only sexual encounter in the past 6 months. I felt gross afterwards and I won’t go back. I’m hoping this isn’t a consequence of a split-second irresponsible decision.

So my question is:

1) Am I at risk? Is this the beginning of herpes?

2) If not, what else could this be? Just irritation or a pimple?

3) Should I and (if yes) when should I retest for herpes?
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Update for anyone reading this:
Had hsv1 hsv2 test done at 12 days as a baseline (both negative), will test again at 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks.
Had flu-like symptoms for 4-5 days (aug 9-12/13) and feel better. No painful bumps or genital discomfort.

I feel like this is more than a coincidence at this point, but who knows. Will follow up as a record for others with similar issues.

My previous sexual encounters in the past 3 years was a single monogamous long term relationship, so if I got herpes, it's most likely from this. However unlikely, I will get tested and keep this thread updated.
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I'm sorry - did you read what we said? You had no risk for STDs.

"will test again at 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks" - do not do this. First, you had no risk. Second, there are false positives on hsv2 IgG blood tests, and if you test too often, you will surely get one.

Have you seen a doctor? If you still have red spots, you should do that.
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Totally agree, and 8 days later seems too long to get a reaction to a soap or hand sanitizer or oil, though it could be pimples from clogged oil glands from the oil. If you are concerned, get a doctor to look at them.

You had no risk for any STD.
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It doesn't appear from your description that you did anything that would lead to getting an STD. And I mean Nothing.  Whatever is going on is not related to this event.  Herpes requires true contact. You touched her vagina with your finger is not going to give you herpes.   You will not get herpes from a hand job or touching her vagina.  NO RISK
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