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Possible risk question

First let me say this is going to sound absurd to most people but my anxiety and guilt is driving me insane. Two and a half weeks ago I was very horny while at work. I went to a public restroom that has a reputation for public sexual encounters.  This restroom was not the cleanest looking place. I used my left hand to close the stall door and then used the same hand to masturbate my penis... I was by myself so I of course this sounds ridiculous but my worry is, if there was body fluid on the door could I have transferred any std germs into my urethra. I don't remember specifically touching urethra but it worries me.i could have touched the tip of my penis while masturbating.. I know some viruses like hep b can live outside the body for days so could I have gotten it on my hand from the door and then transfered it to myself.. I really hope my worries are just worries.. thank for any opinions or input.
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there is a 0% chance of you getting something.....

STIs do not transmit via touch of objects. Even if the doors was covered in semen my answer would not change :) Even if you touched your urethra you would be A'ok!
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