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Pretty sure I accidently gave someone an sti

Im a female. I had two one night stands while on vacation. That was half a year ago. I never got tested for anything.

I had unprotected sex with a coworker a week ago. It was extremely painful. I guess I wasn't aroused enough but I've never had such bad pelvic pain during sex. I started bleeding. After that sexual encounter I got a UTI right away. But I often get UTIs after sex so didn't think too much of it. But then my vagina got swollen and itchy from the inside. There's some yeast type discharge as well. My pee is cloudy and over a week the uti hasn't gone from water fasting and some other stuff so going to dr today.
He messaged me today saying he got a full test done a few months back for every type of std and hasn't been with another girl since and now his penis is feeling irritated. I know he's not lying. He gets tested two times a year and hasn't been with any woman since his child's mother. Anyway he knows 100% if he has an STD it's from me. I also feel he will literally kill me. If it's not treatable. So I'm terrified it's herpes. I can't sleep at all. He's getting tested in two days. I can get tested today. The inside of my vagina is super itchy but I don't have sores or anything. It burns to pee but that's the uti. Anyway i don't even care if I have herpes. If I gave this guy herpes my life is over.
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Hi if his irritation is on the outside its most likely from the rough sex.. But symptoms of std if he got one would be a white puss penis discharge and burning while urinating. Herpes symptoms would be flu like symptoms followed by painful blisters.
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What about my symptoms. Extreme pain during sex. Bleeding during sex. Burning while peeing and peeing every few minutes (UTI). Itchy inside vagina and swollen.
I wouldn't be surprised if I have herpes from a previous sexual encounter. I just don't know how likely it is if I do have it, if I passed it to him.
You’re not describing herpes. Your symptoms do line up with bacterial infections. Bleeding during sex is never a good sign. Have you been treated for this UYI? Are you still having burning after treatment? That’s a sign as well. Vaginitis (swollen vagina) also sign of bacterial infection. Get tested. Could be chlamidya,gonorrhea,mycoplasma etc.
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