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Prostrate massage and happy ending risk?

2 weeks ago I received an erotic massage from a masseuse. She was naked and I was naked. I was on a massage table. She never rubbed her body on me. She used lots of lube and used a finger condom to massage my prostrate. At one point she put lube on her vagina so I could rub it with my hand. I never touched my penis after and took a shower right after. We never had body to body or genitalia to genital contact. No kissing. No sex. Nothing. A few days later my anus has a fungus or infection. I have no pain. No discharge. But there are some yellow flakes in my anus. No trouble peeing or anything. Is there risk for hsv?
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I have some good news for you, from what you have described here you have had NO risk for any and all STI.

This was extremely safe. She even used protection to make a safe act even safer. Don’t worry about any STI.

You could have irritation from the act of been fingered, or perhaps some of the oil or lube.
Or you indeed do have a fungal infection (how do you know) if so this could cause everything you describe.

But for sure it’s not HSV (or at least it’s not from this encounter)
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Thank you. I feel
It’s a fungal infection because in the creases of my groin it got irritated. Plus I had some yellow flakes near my anus. No discharge or pain. I went to a doctor and they confirmed fungal and told me it was unlikely anything else.
If your doctors say fungal then they must have tested so it’s fungal. Keep it dry and clean and for sure nothing to worry about.
They didn’t test it. They just looked at it and said it seems to be fungal. My s ritual is red in areas and I am freaking out. But. I blisters or shedding.
A scrotum not ritual.
Flaking usually indicates fungal or eczema, not an STD.

You did nothing that would put you at risk for an STD. You can be assured that it's not an STD from this encounter.

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