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Protected oral with escort

Hi I recently had a encounter with a escort in which she performed protected oral sex with a condom but she did lick/suck testicles for 5 seconds give or take. About 5 days later I developed red dry skin on scrotum and small amount on penis and rectum seems irritated but I have no pain no discharge no ulcers but maybe a slight warm uncomfortable feeling. My question being does this seem related to symptoms of a std? I went to a urgent care near me and gentlemen said it just looked like dry skin but ultimately I'm stressed and worried about the encounter and dont know if it is just coincidence that this is happening after the encounter. It's been about 5 days since I first noticed the reaction and the redness as gone down I'm just obsessing over this because I'm married and feel horrible and I dont want to spread anything to my wife. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated
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It could be a fungal infection, like yeast, if she had oral thrush (an oral yeast infection). There aren't any STDs that would cause symptoms like you describe.

Did the doc give you anything to treat it, or suggest anything? Is the skin flaky or peeling? That's a typical symptom of a fungal infection, though you can have one without it.
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Thanks for replying! Skin is dry and cracked on scrotum but not really peeling a little on shaft was peeling towards the head. The doctor recommended hydrocortisone cream and lotion. The redness has gone down but still itchy sometimes but not overwhelming. Also have itch and slight irritation in rectal area but dont see any bumps or ulcers.
Sounds like they think maybe yeast, too, or other fungal infection, since they recommended the hydrocortisone. It can take several days to see a marked improvement, so continue to use it. If after 4 or 5 days, it's not much better, go back to your doc.

Continue using it for a week, at least, after it's healed. If it's fungal, it can easily come back.
Side note. I have not treated with medications or lotions to this point
Do you think from the encounter I had there is a chance of being std or should I treat for fungal infection?
No, I don't think it's an STD. I think at the most, it could be related if it's yeast if she had an oral yeast infection, which is not common in adults.

Other than that, it's probably coincidence - a really bad one that is freaking you out.
Thank you I really appreciate it. It has been freaking me out. I appreciate your comments and response. I think a lot of it has been freaking myself out I will update after using hydrocortisone. Thank you again!
You're welcome. Let us know how you're doing. :)
Question. If this a fungal infection would masturbation irritate it further?
It could, or it may not. If you have symptoms on your penis, or wherever your touching, then yes, the friction from masturbation could irritate it, as could any type of lubrication you use. You really need to see a doctor for this.
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