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Protected sex risk

Hi all,

I had no kissing, cuddling or ejaculation type sex with another bi man.

Only protected anal and oral sex for a short while.

As said condom used, lube, no spit. I was the taker if it matters.

Any risks to be worried about? Not overly worried about herpes though.

Thank you so much as I'm considering antibiotics treatment to counteract currently any oral gin or clap risk
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Was your oral protected? If it was, there is no risk for gonorrhea (which is the clap) or chlamydia.

As long as the head of your penis is covered, you aren't at risk for anything except those that are transmitted by direct skin to skin contact, like herpes, HPV and syphilis.

Condoms offer a lot of protection, but not 100%.

Syphilis is uncommon in most developed countries, like the US, UK, Canada, and countries in Europe.

Don't take antibiotics you don't definitely need. That's why we have resistance to antibiotics now.
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Exactly this.
Somewhat reassuring as yes we used a condom for both activities...however...syphilis and skin to skin? Surely that's a risk which can't be protected against?
Youre right, you cant be protected against it but as AJ said, syphilis isnt common. It is transmitted when a chancre (the painless ulcer caused by syphilis) on the other person rubs againsnt you. And it needs to be proper rubbing, not just a like graze. If they had no sore, the chances of you getting it are astronomical and not worth the time worrying.

The same can be said for other skin to skin contaminants. No sore, lump or lesion then no real risk.

You did everything you could have done to protect your self from STIs so well done. The risk of getting anything from this is almost 0%.

Do you think there's miscommunication out there on what syphilis transmission count as? Because I have read NHS and other place skin on skin means mucous membranes but other places mean ANY skin...legs, chest, testicle skin?

So confusing.
It IS confusing, and the messaging sucks on it.

We say skin to skin, but we really mean "direct unclothed skin to skin contact of the mucous membranes of the mouth, genitals and anus with friction".

No one means arms, legs, chest. If they say that, they're wrong.

The skin on your scrotum is too thick for viruses and bacteria to enter, generally.

Understood...so under that general meaning... if only their condom covered penis touched my mouth or anus, I couldn't get syphilis just the same way I couldn't get gon or chlamydia?

They may have had a syphilis sore on there groin...but if it didn't touch any mucous membranes of mine it should matter?
Correct. :)

Try to remember that websites (including the NHS) are overly "conservative" and they count theoretical risks (as in, if transmission of an STI could happen in a 1 in 5 billion chance). An example is that the NHS says that oral sex is a risk for HIV when in "real life" there has never been a confirmed case of HIV via oral sex, if that makes sense.

On this website we use statistics and advice from the previous sexual health doctors who were on this site. Some things may have changed since then but the basis of their facts remain valid.

Hope this helps :)
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