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Question Regarding STD/STI from Massage Parlor

I have a question regarding what type of risk I may have had during this encounter. I received a hand release to ejaculation at the end of a massage. The person was clothed and had a mask on for COVID protection. I felt a bit guilty after. The place appeared clean and the attendants hands at did not appear to have lesions from what i could see. My concern is I imagine they massage people all day and most with a "happy ending" Should I go for STD testing as a result of this encounter.
If any risk during this encounter what should I be worried about.   Thank  you in advance for reading my post.
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STDS do not transmit from hand jobs. You had no risk from this at all, and have no need for testing.
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Thanks for the reply, I asked and its probably coincidence that I had an ingrown hair that led me to believe it could be HSV start which I already have HSV2 so not so much the concern more so like HPV. Also the head of my penis appeared to have like a minor sign of balanitis but could be cause of the friction... Thanks
Balanitis isn't considered an STD.

Again, hand jobs are no risk for STDs. Ingrown hairs aren't related to STDs, either. Also, remember that guilt doesn't equal risk.
lol.. I hear you.. Thanks for the reply
Being guilty after a massage has no medical grounds. Having one's naughty bits massaged doesn't mean an increased STI risk.
In China and Japan "happy ending" massage services are extremely popular and millions of people enjoy them every day. That never made STI rates sky-rocket.
Relax, visiting Asian massage parlors does not equal getting STIs.
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