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Red Spots on Roof of Mouth

I am a male age 44.  I had an oral encounter with a male a couple weeks ago, and for the last couple of days, I have had a scratchiness at the back of my throat and a tickle at the back of my throat making me cough regularly.  I noticed some red spots (small) on the roof of my mouth toward the back and a single tiny white spot there also.  My tongue also seems to have a yellowish (yellowish/orange?) coloring to it.  Could have been irritation from something I ate that was hard?

I have acid reflux (take Nexium) and the heartburn has been an issue recently (feel burning in back of my throat).  I am also taking Cipro and an alpha-blocker for a prostatitis issue (taking these for about 3 days so far).  I add these in case it is relevant.

I have had several ill relatives, which has made me begin to panic about every little thing that happens.  I am hoping to get the facts here to set me straight.  I appreciate anything you all can do to help.

Outside of the scratchy throat, red dots on roof of mouth, and yellow tongue, I have had no other real symptoms (other than anxiety!).  Could this be an STD or is it likely from the reflux or simply a sore throat/strep?

Thank you so much!
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Unlikely a STD, but an "oral encounter" can mean many things. More specific helps.
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Vance, It was oral sex with a gay male.  Giving and receiving.  First time with him and he says he is clean and d/d free. Lasted a few minutes and he did not appear to have any cuts, etc.  Need any more info?

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it's doubtful this is a std. if you do want to get tested, make sure they are doing an oral swab for std's as well as your urine testing since you both gave and received oral sex. oral sex over all is very low risk for std's but  not no risk. we still always recommend protected contact for oral sex!

you need to be seen and get your oral symptoms looked at. This could be many things from something normal to even an oral fungal infection.  Being on antibiotics makes you more likely to develop it orally.  getting a proper exam will give you answers and also the peace of mind you seem to need.


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