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Red spots on penis


I have very strange problem. I am 25 and i had sex first time 8 months before. After having sex 8 or 10 times small tiny red spots started coming on my penis which used to come and go. again I had sex 6 months ago and got infected by UTI due to oral sex. It disappeared after medical treatment.  I had all required test HIV, VDRL, Urinalisys, Heyrpes and other required test. all were negetive. I asked user to check all hormones all were under the limit. Doctor says you have nothing. You are perfectly all right. But i am worried.

I can see few red spots on my penis which come after every month for one or two days and disappeared after that. This is the first time i can sense some itching on those spots. I have attached one pic also. Please have a look and adivce.
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I apologies for that. I did not read that.

Thanks for replying. I haven't had sex for last three months. Yes there was a dream fault 5 days ago after that it started coming. Is it just irretation? I tried tooth paste on the head and red bump stopped irretating but they are still there.

Is there any recommended cream or soap for this irretation ?
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Hi there -

We don't view pics here.  You can read why we don't in the sticky post "posting tips" at the top of the topics list.

Bumps that come and go like this are probably irritation.  If you have tested negative for everything, I wouldn't worry about an std.  Start paying attention to when it happens, and if you've done anything in the few days prior that might be giving you a reaction - masturbating with lotion, using a certain soap, etc.


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