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Regular feeling of tightening and clearing of throat

I have been overly stressed about my throat issue. It feels tight below the Adam's apple and i feel like constantly clearing my throat when it triggers. I have on occasions had sex with escorts. Always with condom vaginal and without condom oral sometimes. Giving and receiving. One time an escort squirted in my mouth.  However, in Jan 2019, i had an episode of unsafe sex with an escort. It lasted for perhaps 5 mins. What I noticed 2 days from the day of the exposure was my left testicle hurt when i laughed, there was pain in my abdomen, a dull itchy feel in my penis. NO discharge. Those symptoms have subsided since. I did not get tested. However, my throat issue has persisted. I feel nauseous sometimes. Can it be STD related?  There is no other symptom. Or is it my anxiety getting the better of me? It does not feel sore. What else could it be? Please help!
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I'd say it's anxiety and perhaps some acid reflux or something. Get it checked to be sure, but I'd seriously doubt this is an STD or anything serious.
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