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Risk of HIV and Syphilis

Hi, i've some concerns regarding HIV and Syphilis.

For my past encounters with China CSW, (a total of 5), but 1 of them is just massage with handjob, i have used condom for protected vaginal sex and receiving oral. However, during my first encounter, i gave cunnilingus to the CSW.

Previously i was weighted at around 100.4kg in Jun 2014. In Apr 2015, i am 93.4kg. I i was cutting calories to create a calorie defict and started losing weight. Right now, i weighted at 70.2kg.. I'm shocked at the weight that i have lost. I'm quite happy about it.

However, i've researched online and found out that Syphilis and HIV could cause weight loss. I know the chances of HIV from cunnilingus is low. But is the chance of getting Syphilis high? Should i get tested? i'm getting very worried as im afraid that i could be losing weight not because of my diet, but due to Syphilis or HIV. I've been drooling for no reason as well. Has it somehow damaged my nerves or something? Does latent stage of Syphilis cause weight loss?

I was washing my anal area and there are times i get a shocked from washing it. What could be the issue? STDs?

Thank you in advance..
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hi hiv is zero risk and if you think you have syphilis then have a simple test. but using weight loss as a gauge for infection is unfounded.
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