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Risk of STD / STI

I am married male 37 ( tested on April 2017 for hiv - Negative , anti Hcv - negative , Vdrl and Hbs ag ( negative) ( I did not have any unprotected exposures but tested as I was getting married ) , 2 yrs since 2017 I have moved to Uk and had many visits to massage places and protected sex all time ( one occasion of oral kissing and one occasion , have had no health issues and no symptoms of STIs or STDs but my wife seems to have getting repeated vaginal infections ( although I have not had vaginal unprotected penetrative sex for a long time ( 4 -6 months ) and have been involved in a couple of occasions with anal ( unprotected ) . The timelines of the infections for her are random and she gets it more if she uses outside toilets also the reason for not having vaginal sex is that she feels a lot of pain and insertion is itself difficult , I had again recently done a blood work ( CBC- completely normal ) and also a vdrl which was negative - given all the history I had informed btw 2017-2019 is there any risk of any STD/STIs that I may have acquired which might be causing this to my wife ?
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Hi, protected vaginal sex is a risk for herpes and syphilis and zero for the protected oral if her mouth was only on the condom. Having unprotected anal sex with your wife could give her a vaginal infection if  done right after the anal.
Tests can be done to determine the type of v aginal infections your wife if having and i would suggest that she see a doctor about this.
Again be aware that protected vaginal sex outside your marriage is a risk for passing herpes and syphilis to her.
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Hi tks for your comments may be the length of the question confused
1. I tested negative for syphilis
-so I believe it’s not an issue
2. They did run some tests on her last time and came up as h pylori bacteria infection ( 8 months before for the same symptom)
3. She never gave or has given oral to me
4. No Vaginal sex with my wife for past 4-6 months

Again to re clairfy  does protected ( use of condom) vaginal sex pose a  risk for STI/ STD transmissions ?

Have you ever been tested for gonorrhea or chlamydia? If you had unprotected vaginal sex, you could get either.

When you had unprotected anal sex, were you the insertive or receptive partner? If you were the insertive partner, you could get gonorrhea and chlamydia this way as well.

Trichomoniasis is also a risk for both.

All of these could cause vaginal infections in your wife, but so could many things not related to sexual activity.

I'm sorry if you mean that you've only had unprotected sex with your wife - I'm a bit confused by your story. If you've had unprotected sex - vaginal or anal - with anyone else, you need to get fully tested. So far, it looks as if you haven't been.
You are correct I have never had unprotected sex (vaginal / anal ) other than my wife and neither unprotected oral that’s why I got a bit confused when the comment says protected sex is still a risk for STD /STI transmissions ...
Yes, it can be, because some STDs can be transmitted even while using condoms.

Herpes, HPV and syphilis are all spread by direct skin-to-skin contact, meaning that when your genital skin comes into contact with someone else's genital skin, and there is rubbing or grinding, they can be transmitted this way. Condoms don't cover all the skin, only the penis, so any other skin that touches can transmit these.

Tks just a few more clarifications as getting educated on the subject
1. In case there is a transmission then there should be symptoms on the genital parts ? Is that correct ? And what is the time time frame ?
2. Can there be no symptoms at all ?
3. Is there a combined test for all or most of the STI/STDs ?

I must reclarifying as I haven’t had any symptoms and is there any need for a test ?
1. In case there is a transmission then there should be symptoms on the genital parts ? Is that correct ? And what is the time time frame ?

You might not get symptoms. You'd get a syphilis sore within 3 weeks to 90 days, but the average is 90 days. For herpes and HPV, you might not get symptoms, especially with HPV. There are several strains of HPV that don't give you symptoms, but you can still transmit.

2. Can there be no symptoms at all ?

See #1

3. Is there a combined test for all or most of the STI/STDs ?

No. Each infection has it's own test, and there is no test for men for HPV.

If you don't get symptoms of syphilis, I don't see a need to test for that, since it's uncommon. Since you are in the UK, it's going to be very hard to get a herpes test unless you get symptoms. They don't do the blood tests there.

Basically, you'll have to wait to see if you get symptoms, and if you do, test then.

Ok tks adding to the same I am travelling to India and is there any testing that I could do to rule out as a precaution just in case and also i am led to believe all the above mentioned conditions are curable or is there a elevated risk associated with it left undiagnosed due to lack of symptoms ...
I don't know about herpes testing in India. You can ask about herpes type specific IgG testing there. That's really the only thing you'd need to test for.

You've already done syphilis testing that's conclusive.
Many  tks for the clarification will do so ..also for my knowledge again does herpes or hpv spread through normal means air food etc or only skin to skin genital
Contact ? Or skin to skin contact ?
Herpes and HPV only spread through skin to skin contact, specifically mouth to mouth for hsv1, mouth to genital, genital to genital, or genital to anal. It is not spread via the air, food, etc., like a cold or the flu.
Tks for the answers again
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