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Risk of STD from Sex Worker

Hello, I visited a strip club/brothel in Eastern Europe and ended up paying one of the girls for sexual intercourse in one of the private rooms. Protection was used fully for vaginal intercourse. However during foreplay the girl played with her ***** (mostly her clit) and ended up using the same hand to give me a handjob mostly likely with a small amount of vaginal secretions on her hand.

What is the likelihood of catching an STD from such an exposure? When would it show up? When would you recommend getting tested? Finally, is this kind of sexual activity something that should be avoided with a sex worker?

18 hours later and I am frequently urinating, have the occasional itch and feel heavy in my abdomen. However I understand this is likely in my head…
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I hope I can help.

Firstly the handjob, which seems to be on your mind the most. It was a no risk event many experts agree that handjob even with secretions is a no risk event.

Secondly your vaginal protected sex is of course safe sex, as long as the condom was used throughout and didn't break, small chance of skin to skin STI but zero chance for everything else.

Thirdly your symptoms, do not in anyway suggest an STI. Frequent urination has recently been studied and proven not to be an symptom of any STI on its own, Heavy abdomen i cant see how this can be related - STI do not infect anywhere other than the penis in males. I think you are on the right track with it been "in my head"

I would absolutely move on, No need to test.
Any yes by in large this activity is relatively safe to continue with sex workers, as long as you are happy with the small risk of skin to skin STI and/or the condom breaking.

Anyone who has regular sex - no matter how safe, would also be a good idea to have regular testing but no more than once a year, if you stick to similar practices.
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