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SRD risks?

I had unprotected sex with a sex worker tonight...well, it wasn't much of anything really.

No oral. No penetration. My penis rubbed her vagina/pubic area for a bit and I was about to penetrate but missed...when I went to guide it in, i orgasmed. So there never really was any penetration.]

This whole encounter lasted about 3 mins.

But at the end I did notice a strong fishy odor. I wasn't even close to her vagina and I could smell it.
Also, when she got up, I saw a couple big sores on her side. She said they were nothing bad and were "religious".

I am inclined to think they are drug/disease related.

I have been on Doxycycline for the last 6 weeks for my prostatitis (and will continue taking it)

Am I at risk for any STD's because of this encounter?
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The doxy would help prevent any bacterial std infection.  You could still be at risk for herpes or hpv, but its low risk.

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no symptoms. just worried.
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without any penetration of any kind, I highly doubt it.

Are you actually showing symptoms of something, or simply worried?

Mr. Blue
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