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STD / Fertility ?

Good afternoon,

I would appreciate some expert advice instead of using Google, Medhelp seems like a great place to achieve my answer.

My question consists of a few parts, I am trying to cover all medical bases.

Basically me and wife are unfortunately entering the fertility treatment system due to unsuccessfully trying for a baby for 18 months. We have unexplained fertility issues at this stage. I am now trying to cover all medical bases because its been very stressful on both of us and my wife is heartbroken. We are due to collectively have full sexual health tests in two months time to ensure we qualify for the fertility programme. I'm confident we'll be fine but wanted to seek independent advice.

However, research on Google eventually lead me an article highlighting that asymptomatic Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia can sometimes cause issues relating to infertility (albeit unlikely). Like most young single males, I had numerous sexual partners before I met my wife and could have been more careful to prevent picking up one of these infections. I would not have known if I had one of these infections when I met my wife because I was never tested.

Rather than facing the possible embarrassment of testing positive at the fertility clinic I decided to privately test (on my own) at my local NHS GUM clinic two weeks ago (Full screen and all negative), as expected. I have not told my wife about my test to avoid conflict or mistrust in my marriage but I wanted private piece of mind.

However, the nurse said something to me which caused some worry. My medical record shows that I had some treatment called doxycycline for skin issues in June 2014 (16 months ago) which may have cured any infections if I was carrying them (maybe a big if).  The nurse noticed my panic and told me to relax, she said that if my wife did have either Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia she would have re-infected me in the last 12 months and my test would have been positive.

This maybe a silly question but can I assume that my wife is free from one of these infections given my full negative health screen? We have been having unprotected sex weekly for 18 months now.

I want to approach this process positively and with reduced worry.

Thank you for reading my question.
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Can clear up in a few weeks time. If a person has unprotected sex multiply times with a lady positive for chlamydia and gono, they would surely get it, without question. These are urethra infections. So you can safely assume that your girl is negative. Also the female urethra is quite shorter than the male and a positive women can have the infection travel up into her other organs which is quite common left untreated. Its called PID.

I know your honest and concerned but i think your really over reacting to your past life sexual practices.
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Thanks for all your advice.

I'm an ex military man, I had a fulfilled sexual past so was hoping it didn't catch up on me. Now I can focus on the future ahead of me, hopefully it will be with a family very soon.

I hope you have a great weekend, thank you for your help on this matter. I will move on.

You guys on here are excellent!
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Thank you for your response and advice. Very interesting, I didn't know they cleared on there own. How long roughly for man and women? we've been having unprotected sex for 18 months.

So in your opinion I can safely assume that if I'm negative for gono and chlam that my wife will also be negative? I was a little concerned that I could have unknowingly carried an infection before taking the antibiotics thus passing to my wife, a long shot I know but worth asking.

Hopefully I can look forward to the fertility journey ahead without any surprises influenced from my previous sexual history. I just want to have a family and hope nothing stops us.

This whole situation has stressed me out, I'm very grateful for your advice.

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First of all, before the dawn of antiboitics, those with STD,s like Gono and Chlamydia cleared up on there own by the bodies natural immune system. No one dyed from these. The use of antibiotics only clears them up quicker.

you, as male can surely rule out that you have Gono, not just because the test came back negative but because when a male has Gono they get terrible symptoms like big time white puss penis discharge and big time burning while urinating. You also test negative for Chlamydia which also can be cleared by the bodys immune system natually.
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