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i had oral sex in mach 2023, and during the first week, 3rd month, 6-7 month, i had std blood test, which the results are all NEGATIVE, so im wondering is the result accurate? or im still in the window period during that time? should i still do the STD&HIV blood test?
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As your question has been fully answered in regards to std's, we are closing this thread. Take care

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You don't have an STD or HIV. Your tests are conclusive.

You should get those checked out by your doctor, though. They can indicate other things, some of which are serious. Don't get so hung up on thinking about STDs that you miss other things. Go see your doctor, and don't put that off.

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thanks, cause when the brown spot appears the first thing that pop up in my mind is STD... and somehow, these dates im scare of go to doctor, cause im scare of them saying i get std... maybe i should go to the psychologist sometime
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You are still worried about this over a year later? You need to let this go.

All of your results are conclusively negative.

For future reference, if you have unprotected sex, your gonorrhea and chlamydia tests should be urine tests, not blood tests. They are far more accurate. However, some countries still do the blood tests. The US, UK, Canada and many places in Europe, etc., do urine testing. It might also be a swab test, but unless you have a discharge, that's really unnecessary.

If you've had no symptoms for over a year, you don't need to test again. Don't see this as a reason to panic and go test again. Oral sex is far less of a risk than vaginal or anal sex. Most experts don't think one act of oral sex even warrants testing. You're fine.

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i did the both, blood and urine, and yes im still scared... I've been watch my body since the first day, and recently my belly have few brown spots its like bruises, so im getting scare again. im in US..
This post will not help anymore. You have been told that you do not have an STI at all - whatever is going on is 100% not related to an STI but as AJ said, this could be serious - especially if spreading - Go see a doctor but we can tell you that this is NOT an STI.
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