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STD Risk: Mutual masturbation and Protected oral

Hello I had an encounter with a trangender person. It all started with a dry massage where her bare penis might have brushed up against my leg and buttock but only on the cheek. I think she was also masturbating herself but she said she does not get any secretion because of hormones. Also this was very brief as I did not feel comfortable. Later we put condoms on and we participated in mutual protected oral sex. The condom was applied with mouth but I am sure I did not touch her bare penis with my mouth. this was the entire episode with me finishing in condom with oral. she also fingered me using a condom. I did not see any sores or anything and she said she never participates in any risky behavior and is very careful (she is a nurse apparently).

My questions are:

1. Given I had contact with her crotch and  potentially shaft of her penis while putting condom on if I touched the condom covered part and later had my mouth there is there any risk if there were no sores? I see that protected oral sex is virtually no risk so I should not be worried about it? I did not have any oral to genital contact besides condom covered tip. I inspected her genital area and there were no sores or anything weird and looked very clean.

2. I saw a lot of comments on mutual masturbation without any secretions or seminal fluid is no risk but my mind still can not come to ease. Should I be worried about any std risk? She did touch my penis briefly (maybe 10-15 seconds) before condom was applied but I stopped her as I did not know if she touched herself and had anything on her hand

3. HIV is obviously not even a slight possibility given there are no risk for this encounter but what about other stds should I get tested? I am married so should I stop unprotected sex with my wife?

4. When she leaned over my back her penis might have touched my back or cheeks of my bottom. Besides her condom covered finger nothing touched my anal region. Is there any risk?

5. When she gave me oral sex it was protected but she put condom on herself but as far as I understand this is pretty much no risk behavior as long as condom was intact.
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1) yes, dont be worried
2) there is no case reported based on such acts so dont be worried about this exposure
3) since you only had handjob and protected oral, then there is no risk for other stds
4) no risk
5) correct
I just want to end off with the fact that stds especially hiv is not easily transmitted.
And if you are still worried, go get a test, it is that simple.
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I might get tested for peace of mind but for that i would need to wait 6 weeks at least to be conclusive. But until then should i be cautious or be worried at all? Should I avoid any unprotected sex or such with my partner? İn other words you are advising testing for knowledge but not for this specific exposure, correct? İf any doctors can advise i would appreciate it to determine if i had any risk that i should be careful for or get tested. Thank you
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You had protected everything, start to finish, and have no risk at all. I wouldn't bother with testing if I were you, and I see no reason, based on your descriptions, for you to avoid sex with your partner.
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