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STD Risk for possible fluid exposure

Hi I had sex with someone that I have been talking to for a while now. I know they were tested for chlamydia and gonohrea a few months ago and so was I and we were negative for that but she admittedly had protected sex with someone after we tested. Anyway we had sex through the hole in my boxers with a condom on a week and a half ago. She does not know her HIV, hepatitis, herpes status for certain but said she had no reason to think she has anything. I had an open abrasion on my penis from dry masturbation a few days earlier. I am certain that is what it is because I was tested prior for the 10 panel and have not had any exposure as well as I commonly have them as I also have psoriasis and eczema. My concern is here after I thought about some things. I kept the condom on the entire act but she did leave vaginal fluids on my boxers. I took the condom off once we were done and possibly had the head of my penis (with the abrasions) come in contact with the fluid on my boxers and of course I had the boxers on for about an hour afterwards. Should I be worried about HIV or any other STD based on this info? I just started thinking about it today and can’t rest my mind.
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You are way overthinking this STD thing if you are leaving your boxers on during sex, or you have anxiety serious enough that maybe you shouldn't be having sex with people you don't know well.

First, you wore a condom. This protects your urethral opening, which means you aren't at risk for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, NGU, mycoplasma and ureaplasma. The germs that cause these have to get into your urethra. Since you wore a condom, the head of your penis was covered, so you're fine.

Herpes, syphilis and HPV require direct skin to skin contact, either mouth to genital, genital to genital, or genital to anal. This is probably why you wore boxers. No STD can go through clothing, and none of these are transmitted by vaginal fluids.

You have eczema and psoriasis, and you had an open abrasion on your penis. I understand this causes more concern. You should avoid sex when you have symptoms, unless you know for sure your partner is negative for STDs, as broken skin can increase your risk for herpes and syphilis.

If your partner has a fungal infection, like yeast, having broken or irritated skin can increase your chances of you getting that, and getting a fungal infection on top of psoriasis and eczema is something you really don't want. Of course, this could happen with a long-term, regular partner, as many women get yeast infections, but a long-term regular partner is more likely to communicate with you about it.

Don't worry about keeping your boxers on after. That won't give you an STD.

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Thanks a lot for your detailed answer. I have one additional question before I rest easy as o literally have not slept. If by chance one of the open abrasions touched the fluid as I was putting my penis back in my boxers, would that be a cause for concern. It was pretty raw and her fluids were right at the opening in which I’m sure my head may have come in contact as I was putting it back in.
No. HIV and other infections die quickly as soon as it's exposed to air outside of the body.

You really have nothing to really about.

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