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STD risk from Happy Ending

I did something very silly yesterday and had a happy ending massage at a unlicensed asian massage place.

I feel so bad about it because I have a fiance. I found a tiny red spot on my penis head today and want to ask whether this may be some kind of STD. Can I still have unprotected sex with my fiance? Would any STD appear so quickly? I am going out of my mind with worry.
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You were already told you didn't have a risk.  Reporting the daily status of your penis won't change that.  Yes, friction can make red spots on your penis. You sound very anxious.  At this point, if you are, get the patch looked at by a doctor.  But looking for it to be an std from receiving a hand job is probably the wrong worry to have.  
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If all you did was get masturbated with her hands, there is no risk from this at all.

No STDs would appear this quickly. It would be 2 days minimum before symptoms appeared.

I don't know what the tiny red spot is, but it's not related to this encounter.
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Thank you so much for your support. Can irritation or friction make tiny bright red spots appear on a penis head?
The spot is still there. Do irritation ad friction spots take time to go away? The spot is still the same size and does not look like it's raised. It's red and a bit larger than the size of a needle. I really have to look at my penis head to see it. Would an STD have a bigger shape now?
I just found a tiny patch of white area on my penis head. I looked at it and it seemed little raised and able to rub it off with my fingers. Is this a sign of an STI
I had another look today and the area where I rubbed the skin off looks red. It's more circular and I know should have left it alone.  Do you think this is a sign of an STD or just skin irritation?
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