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STD transmission from erotic massage

There are 2 encounter that's been bugging me lately.

The first one was on march 2021. I went to massage parlour and the end of the session the massues offer
body-to-body massage. I hug her, fingered her for few seconds, and suck her **** (no milk). She handjob me and
suck my nipples until i cum. My bare penis did came into contact with her vagina but there are no penetration.

second encounter was on october 2021. Similar to the first encounter, but this time I did not finger or suck
the massues ****. What I had was just a body-to-body contact and a handjob.

From STD transmission point of view, what are my risk and which testing you would recommend to take?
Thank you for time.
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Breaking down your stated risks for std's as follows:  . 1. hugging is no risk for STD's. 2. Fingering is no risk for std's.  3. sucking breasts is no risk for std's.  And hand job's are no risk for std/s.  

Now, your penis rubbing on her vagina, even without penetration is a risk for STD's that are skin to skin contact type of std's.  Like herpes and syphilis and possibly hpv. But so very low risk from what you describe.  In the absence of any symptoms, there is no need to test.
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