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STD worries

I gave a guy a blowjob on 9/3 and within 48 hours of the event have been feeling continuously unwell.  Symptoms:

Oral Sex Monday night 9/3

Tuesday felt OK

Wednesday afternoon worsening nausea and slight abdominal pain

Thursday - day off work, tired, sore joints, nausea still bad, constipation and problem urinating, slight headache, slight sore throat.  Glands feel a tiny bit hard to the touch, and perhaps a tiny bit enlarged (neck).  Abdominal pain worsening, but it's not really delicate to the touch when placing some force with my hands in the abdominal area.

Friday - back to work, still tired, nausea still present but not as strong, constipation and urinating problems persist (weaker urine stream than usual).  Sore joints not as bad.  Still lethargic.

Saturday - much like Friday, but nausea a bit worse, but not as bad as Wednesday/Thursday.  Sore joints gone

Sunday - Felt OK.  Bowel and urine movements a bit better, but I was drinking more water.  It's possible that my constipation problems etc were due to not drinking enough water (I suffer from both IBS and Type 2 diabetes).

Monday - return to nauseaville and a stronger headache in the temple areas.  Urinating is better as I'm drinking my normal 2L of water per day.  

Tuesday - wake up to what feels like a head cold, which worsen throughout the day.  

Wednesday (today) - another day off work, throat feels sore today, the most sore it's been since the oral sex episode.  Masturbated and felt that there was a very slight Reddish tinge to my precum.

no rash present, no white sores in throat/mouth/no blistering visible.  No fever present.  I have an unusually low body temperate (usually around 36.1), but since feeling unwell, it's been in the 35s and even as low as 34.9 (last night).  I haven't noticed any discharge from my penis.

It almost feels like a stomach bug, cold and bladder infection all wrapped in one, with a headache on top of it all.  The headache hasn't really been bad except for Monday 16/3.  It's more like a slight nuisance headache than anything (I suffer from migraines, so normal headaches don't really phase me these days).

I haven't had any blood tests yet as I think it's too early.  I presume that suffering from Diabetes type 2, and having a weakened immune system due to being highly stressed might mean that any STD would affect me earlier than the average healthy human.  I was going to leave it to the 6 week mark to get tested for all STDs, since many probably won't show up so early on (it's only been just over a week).  I'm suspecting hep a/bc/hiv.  The guy says he's clean and was recently tested and isn't really active in the male/male scene, he doesn't do anal (which I don't either) and has only engaged in guys giving him oral.  I understand that STD transmission during oral sex is generally lower than vaginal or anal sex, but I do also have dental issues (gingervitis and gum bleeding) that might make it easier for viruses to get into my system that way.

Any advice appreciated.
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Thanks Vance.  Been to doctor's today, he's given me a referral for blood tests.  He thinks it's just a bug that's going around.
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Sounds more like anxiety then anything else. Don't see this as related to a STD based on symptoms.
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