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STDs Risks on Receiving Oral Sex

I’m in quite a deep anxiety and really need help on my situation. Since English isn’t my native language, sorry if there’s any confusing made.

I went to a massage parlour few days ago, and got massage from a lady both naked (but she got her underpants on during the whole session).

Before the massage started, we went showered together. She then masturbate me for a 1-2 minutes then gave me an oral sex ONLY(protected with condom on the whole time) at the end, no any other sexual activity occurred, she also didn’t licked any other parts of me besides my nipple. I’m pretty sure that the condom hasn’t leaked or broken after I ejaculated. She took of my condom after I ejaculate and wiped my penis with tissues afterwards.

I also couldn’t see any bleeding wounds or cuts on her body or hands, but not sure if there’re any lesion inside her mouth.

I’ve called and ask the local HIV association and also consulted a doctor these days. The local HIV consultant told me that I’m in an extremely low risk on stds and about zero risk for HIV. But on the other hand the doctor I consulted said there’re risks in any acts, a condom will lower my risk but still risky, oral sex will also have a risk to transmit HIV.

Here will be my concerns:

1) Will I be at risks for any stds (especially HIV and Syphilis) in this act? Do I need to get tested just based on this act?

2) I know it’s a quite crazy question, but if assuming that there’s sperm from previous customers or virus inside the showering gel or on the tissue, will there be a chance that I’ll get infected?

3) just want to know is oral sex a low risk act on transmitting stds? And how lower the chances will be if I used a condom correctly?

4) Is there any cases happened before that are similar to me and got infected?

I know I’m really dumb and shouldn’t make any mistakes like that, and I’ll promise not to be involved in any acts with strangers again in the future. I’m really stressed out these days and need help on this issue, my questions might be long,  it please help answering in more details. Sorry for being annoyed.

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You had condom protected oral sex. There is no risk for gonorrhea, chlamydia, or NGU. There is a very slight risk for syphilis if she had a sore, but the condom offers significant protection against that. Syphilis is less common than other STDs in most developed countries, so I wouldn't overly worry about this. Most experts feel that one encounter of oral sex - protected or not - doesn't warrant testing.

I see your questions about HIV have been answered in our HIV prevention forum, and you didn't have a risk for that, either.

You don't need to worry at all.
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Thank you aj, so does that mean my risk for syphilis are extremely low since I used a condom during oral sex and no need for testing? And also how high is the risk for me to get herpes or genital warts?
Sorry aj, but may I also ask why would there be risk for syphilis in my case? Cause the condom should covered up my whole penis, and if there’ll be (assumed) any syphilis sores in her mouth should’ve been blocked from my condom, which there shouldn’t be any contact between my penis or other area to the sore. Sorry for asking another question, just makes me quite confusing.
Sorry aj, but the above questions will be the last questions I’ll bring up, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please help me with my last concerns.
Ill answer the last point for you.

For syphilis to spread, the sore (known as a chancre) will need to rub into an area (quite rough as well). You are absolutely correct in what you are saying that if the sore was in the inside of her mouth, the would be no risk as the only area would be condom. The sores can sometimes affects lips which would increase the risk to your pubic area.

All in all the risk is so low it is definitely not worth worrying about.  Most sex  workers also get regular check ups as it's there trade and cant afford you catch anything.

Genital warts is not a warranted risk and herpes is only transmitted again, if there is a visible sore.
Thank you very much for your response, I’m pretty much sure that my penis with condom on haven’t touched any where deep around her throat or else where inside her mouth ( even though I did but the condom is protecting me from it). I understand sometimes sores will occurred on peoples lips, but as what I’ve seen, there isn’t any lesion or sore or anything else on her lips, and she also didn’t go that deep while sucking, which means her lips rarely touch the uncovered part with hair, and zero contact to my scrotum.  So pretty much I guess I’m pretty safe in this act.
Herpes can be transmitted without a sore being present, but the chances of getting herpes from a one-time protected oral sex encounter are very, very low.

The herpes virus can shed without symptoms on the lips (or vaginal area, depending on where the infection is), but that only happens on a percentage of days, not every day.

I wouldn't worry at all about this. Not even a little bit.
Thank you aj, really reassured me a lot. Just to make sure the above thoughts and analysis from me is it correct? From my inference, there shouldn’t be any contact between her sore (if she does have a syphilis sore no matter on her lips, mouth, or throat) to my penis, pubic area and scrotum. And I’m safe to go
Because you wore a condom, the only thing you'd really need to be concerned with is her lips, as you say the only areas the inside of her mouth came into contact with her condom-protected. If you didn't see any sores on her lips, I wouldn't worry at all.

Even if you hadn't used a condom, it's low enough risk that you've already spent too much time analyzing the risks here. Really, you're fine and safe to go. :)
Sorry aj, just want to know if the condom is split is it easy to notice? I don’t think the condom is split in my case, but not quite sure.
When condoms split they are designed to split right down to the base. There is no way you would have not missed it.
Absolutely agree with Sillymistake here. You'd know if the condom tore.

Is this an anxiety issue? Are you normally this anxious? If you are, you should talk to your doctor about it. Perhaps you went outside of a relationship? If that's the case, remember that guilt does not equal risk.
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Just for more information, the whole oral sex lasts for around1-2 minutes
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