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STDs/STIS unprotected oral giving and receiving

I have was sexually active alot with CSWs during the last 6 months. I have svere issues with health backpain sorethroat and fatigue.
What should i do my recent encounter was yesterday with a CSW.
I am worried. just wanted to know whether STDs and STIs can be contracted with unprotected oral sex both giiving and receiving?
for penetrative activities i always used a condom
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The risks are very low for protected oral sex. Nothing you'd be at risk for would cause your symptoms.

Have you been checked for the flu, covid, etc?

The only things you might be at risk for with protected sex are genital herpes type 1 and syphilis. For giving oral sex, the biggest risk would be syphilis.

Syphilis is uncommon in most developed countries - the US, UK, Canada, countries in Europe, etc.

Work with your doctor to address your symptoms, but I'd be very surprised if it's because of an STI.
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so no HIV, HEPB for giving and recieving oral sex? I am vaccinated against HEPB i think i never completed the course i just had 3 shots of twinrix some 6-7 yearsago
Nope, no HIV or Hep B from oral sex. Never been a documented case of either from oral sex.

Hep B is a series of 3 shots. You can ask your doc about getting tested to see if you have immunity from it. Twinrix has both the Hep A and B vaccine in it, so that's awesome.

Have you been vaccinated for HPV? You can talk to your doctor about that. Different countries have different regulations for it - gender and age - so talk to your doc or STD clinic.

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