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STI Risk for non Penetrative Act

I wore jogging pants and underwear and fooled around with a woman who had on a dress with no panties on. I rubbed my clothed erect genitals on her naked genitals and noticed afterwards there was some fluid on my pants from the place I was rubbing. Would there be any possibility of an std from this act?
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I get I had clothes on but if her fluids were on my pants couldn’t her fluids have soaked through my pants and  got  on the head of my penis?
Brief exposure to air neutralizes most of the pathogens, plus there was clothing, many of them need to enter the urethral opening and the number of infections particles should be high in order to cause an infection, as you also have an immune system. The only risk that the encounter puts you in is psychological, as you are experiencing now, next time use condom and do it properly, both of you will be happy and there will be no need for anxiety afterwards. All the best.
I totally agree with klamidia.

STDs don't go through clothing. There's not enough fluid and not enough of the pathogen to be able to soak through pants and underwear, and then be able to specifically find your urethra and enter it.

It's just not possible.
Thank you all
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