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STI/STD that shows symptoms in less than 12 hours?

I had intercourse with a woman last night, and this morning (12 hours later) i have red bumps on my pubic area above the penis. Nothing on my penis or testicles. I also have redness on the tip of my tongue that wasn't there previously. I preformed cunnilingus on her, and she gave me oral. A condom was used for the actual intercourse.

Could this be an STI/STD? from what I'm seeing most take a minimum of 24-48 hours to show any signs, and most commonly it is longer than that.

I was thinking it could possibly be irritation from stubble like pubic hair from my partner, as she was on top and i could feel the short hairs poking, the multiple red bumps are on the area that made contact with the stubble like pubic hair. Also the redness on the tongue could just be irritation from friction. All that feels like wishful thinking though.

Is my explanation likely? or is there an STD/STI that shows signs like this in as little as 12 hours?
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Totally agree with Annie. The first symptom of an STD wouldn't appear for at least 48 hours. This has to be irritation or an allergic reaction to something.
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I don't think you are wishful thinking, I think your idea about abrasion from stubble is logical. Ask any woman who has necked with a guy with a stubbly face. It can give you a real rash.

Others who answer STD questions will know more than I do about it, but I am almost sure no STD would give you this reaction in this short an amount of time.
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