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Hi doctor, I am 28 years male.
I have been having sexual intercourse with protection since the past 2 months with a girl and last week. I slept tuesday i slept with her. She had difficulty getting wet and used my penis to rub on her viginal till she got a little wet and she inserted it in. Then i came out of her and finished up with a condom. The next day i started feeling some pains in both side of my lower abdomen, most especially the left side and also in the left side of my testicles. After a day. When urinating, immediately the urine is almost done i fetl this sharp pulling like pain. I have been really worried. I took amplicox and the sharp pain after i urine stopped immediately within hours. But other pains lke pain in my testicle and lower abdomen I still feel it sometimes. I am so worried. Please help

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Would not be STD related, no real risk.
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