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Semen risk

If someone is masturbating over me and finished on me, if any semen lands on me or my genitals is there risk?
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No risk there.
While semen may carry some viruses and bacteria, if it gets on the skin (doesn't matter which part of the body), there is no risk of infection.
If semen of an infected person gets into your eyes or mouth, there may be a theoretical risk of infection (or maybe not), but that would happen very rarely and is considered to be an ineffective way of transmission.
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Just to avoid unnecessary confusion, all STIs are different, some are more infectious than others, some are carried via bodily fluids, some require skin-to-skin contact. It is not quite right to generalize any conclusion about every STI.
But, anyway, it doesn't change the fact that semen on skin is safe (doesn't matter how much semen is there).
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