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Sensual massage

What is the risk of catching something from a sensual (naked) massage where the masseuse rubs herself up and down you but there is no penetration and no oral?  
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Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted by oral (mouth) to genital/anal contact, unclothed genital to genital contact, and unclothed genital to anal contact. Usually, it requires some significant grinding or rubbing, or penetration.

Did any of that happen during your massage? You don't mention your genitals coming into contact, if this has already happened. If that doesn't happen, there is no risk.
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It certainly didn’t happen that I am aware of and I was very conscious of it not happening! What I am more worried about is any vaginal secretions rubbing onto my body and I guess ending up in my urethra.
Vaginal secretions on your body are fine - the skin on your stomach, legs, etc., is too thick to penetrate and it won't cause any issues.

It's not easy for fluids to end up in your urethra. It usually requires penetration or a lot of rubbing with a hand (like if you have lotion on your hand and it ends up in your urethra). Vaginal secretions don't just flow down your body into your urethra - it would absorb into your body or dry before that happened. There was also probably a lot of oil used in this, which would dilute the vaginal secretions.

You don't have anything to worry about from this.
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