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Sex at massage parlor

Hello I went to a massage parlor expecting a massage but instead the lady started grabbing my penis right away and put on a condom (that she had inside her bra without even being in the wrapper) on my penis and started giving me head with the condom on then she asked if I wanted to have sex and said sure but like within a minute I pulled out of regret and worry have getting an std, so I was wondering how much at risk am I for hiv,herpes,gonorrohea, chlamdyia, or any other std
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As you had unprotected sex, even if it was brief, you've been exposed to a wide variety of STDs. My advice is to test as follows:

-3 weeks after the exposure, for gonorrhea and chlamydia.
-6 weeks after the exposure, for syphilis.
-3 months after the exposure, for herpes.

Regarding syphilis, if your test gives you a negative result, repeat it 3 months after exposure, as sometimes people infected with syphilis take longer to give a positive result.

Regarding HIV, the window period will be different depending on the kind of test you go for:

-If you go for a normal antibody test (finger-prick) it will be accurate 3 months after the exposure.
-If you go for a duo combo ag/ab test, it will be accurate 28 days after the exposure.

All the best.
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I didnt had unprotected sex, I had he condom on the whole time since she put it on w her mouth, then we had sex with the condom on for a short time
With protected sex, you have very little to worry about. There is a chance you could be exposed to syphilis, herpes and HPV, but condoms reduce the risk of that by about 90%, and with such a brief encounter, I wouldn't worry at all.
I only had sex for less then a minute because I knew it was risky, but in that minute does it decrease the chances of stds since I had a condom on and the exposure was for a small amount of time
Yes, that's what I meant - since it was protected, and so brief, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I wouldn't even test if I were you.
Would it be safe to have unprotected safe with someone I know doesn’t have an std
Are you asking if you would infect someone? I'd say the chances are really good that you wouldn't, if all you are concerned about is this encounter. I wouldn't worry if it were me.
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