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Sore throat for more than 2 weeks

I had an unprotected oral sex with a sex worker.she gave me a ********. a day after i had a mild itching on my body. i went to see the Dr. three days after my exposure and was given two different types of antibiotics. 4 days later i started experincing a sharp pain in my eyes coupled with some dizziness. though i had some eye problems barely a month before my exposure. the colour of my eyes has changed but ppl tell me they don't see any changes in my eyes. at times i see it to be red and at other times yellow.this dizziness and sharp pain in the eye lasted for about four days.

during the second week after my exposure i started having abdominal pains fatigue, fever, headaches and pain in my legs. i was diagnosed and the result was typhoid fever. i was treated and became ok but the abdominal pains still persisted. my stool became lighter than before and does sinks in the closest as against floating before my exposure. During the third week after my exposure i had headaches and mild flu which lasted for a week.

a sore throat started within the fourth week and became very severe after a week. i went to see a doctor he gave me some antibiotics for my throat and abdominal pains. i was ok after taking the antibiotics for the abdominal pains but the sore throat became very severe. this sore throat is quite different from all sore throats i have experienced and has lasted for a longer period of time. i don't feel pains when i swallow but it itches and become very dry. swallowing keeps it better. i went to see the doctor again within the sixth week and i was diagnosed for vdrl, hepatitis b and HIV and they all came non reactive and no protozoa were found but the sore throat still persisted. i am now on a vaccine for Hepatitis b

I am now in my seventh week after my exposure but yet the sore throat which started about two weeks ago still persist. i have since searched  for this sex worker and have found her and paid her to diagnose for HIV 1 & 2 and they all came non reactive after six weeks after my exposure.

1. are the results for the syphilis and hepatitis b conclusive after six weeks.
2. Could it be that the this sex worker is in her window period for HIV
3. what might be the cause of all these symptoms after diagnosing for almost all stds associated with these symptoms
4. what drug can i rely on for my sore throat.

please help me.

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the virus kaylerson is talking about is like a cold virus or something like that...see a Dr.
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my sore throat is gone but supposing i have virus
what kind of virus could this be?
can a virus be cured?

pls help.

your response is really appreciated.
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You might have a virus, which does not respond to antibiotics.  The fever instantly represents the precence of a virus, have you been tested for swine flu?  Just an idea because it is on the rise.

But the point is the sore throat not going away sounds like a virus to me.  I had a sore throat for about 2 weeks last time I had a virus, it did not respond to antibiotics and it was very painful, but after about 2 1/2 weeks I started to get some relief.  

It sounds overly-homeopathic but drink some hot tea with lemon or honey and take a lot of hot steamy showers, they are the best medicine or a virus in my opinion.
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From receiving oral sex you can get gonorrhea, NGU, herpes and syphilis. Herpes is the only one not curable but it is manageable.
But non of your symptoms point to a STD.
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what are the possible uncurable stds i can get from my exposure.
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1. Yes
2. HIV is not a concern
3. Follow up with your Dr, your symptoms are not STD related
4. We don't tell people to self medicate, only a Dr can.
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