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Std hand touch penis shaft


Ok long story short.

I met a sexworker and i jerked off Infront of her. BUT. ..she touch my scrotum and penis shaft for about 5 seconds then i stoppen her. Her hand felt dry.

I Kinda want to test myself just to ease my mind but there is a but there aswell...i had chlamydia 9 years ago which i got treated for(there wasnt a follow-up test) and im worried this can show up on a new test? I am also worried about false-positive tests that would just **** my life up completely since i then have to tell my gf... Give me some advise

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As grobick2000 says, you don't describe any risk. Hand to vagina and then hand to penis is not going to transmit the virus. You masturbated. That's it. Your anxiety is getting your brain in trouble overthinking. Anxiety works by feeding it. If you test, you have fed it. Your anxiety will remain in tact. If you accept no risk and don't test, you won and your anxiety will ultimately fade and bother you less.
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I understand. But getting a negative result will lead to that i ever have to worry about my girlfriend getting a positive result when she is pregnant.. and i could stop thinking about just that possibility...that if she gets positive it was my fault.. i would just blame myself in that case...
we answered that you didn't have a risk. So, this is purely anxiety. Take care
Thanks alot for the help:) would you be confident my test results would be negative?
I'm not even answering that. You should be able to have your answer with the words, no risk.
Just to add to this - you don't need to test.

I don't know why your hospital says that about chlamydia. It's not true.

Here are some posts from our experts (when we had them) that may help -





https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV---Prevention/Vaginal-fluid-on-hand-touched-inside-of-condom-and-head-of-penis/show/1119533 - read this thread thoroughly. There is an excellent explanation about why certain activities are not risks, and why others are.
Thanks alot for your input. I will take a test tomorrow just to ease my mind from this.. hopefully it wont be pmfalse positive or anything like that..
I'm sure it will be negative. Good luck.
Normally i am a rational and thinking human being.. but this just kills me. All stuff on the internet and especially when the hospital write as it does. If it is negative i would gladly contribute to this forum to help people going thru the same stuff, this is hell
Thanks for the offer of a donation, but we don't take them. Find a local non-profit that works with STI education, and donate there, instead WHEN it is negative.

Thank you:) actually i did not mean a donation. But anything to help, i would gladly give time to calm people down, im a speciality nurse in psychiatric care so i might be some help
Just one more question, is a false positive something to worry about?
I just tested wish me good luck
It will be negative.

If you're a nurse in psychiatric care, I'm sure you recognize how damaging anxiety disorders can be. That's what you have - not chlamydia. You also know how beneficial treatment can be. I hope you seek it.
I feel like you are man ng some valid points. Though the information i get from the hospitals in my country states that this is a way of transmission, even when i call them and ask...so this definetly makes it worse for me
I can't help or address why your hospital says that. It's not correct.
Waiting for results anxiety is hell ....ha..ha .
You didn't have a risk and didn't need to test.

Use this time to find a counselor for your anxiety.
Im just so disturbed about the fact that all official websites in my country states this is a way of transmission, if its negative i will write email to them about the harm they create
I suspect your guilt is causing more harm than anything.

If you feel comfortable, can you link me to these sites and I can help understand what they say?
Yes ofcourse but i need to use Google translate
Just link it and I can use translate. :)


I can cite the facts i am talking about down here

I did cite in my comment with grobrick2000
Wow, I don't know why they say that. Maybe it's a theoretical risk, but it's not a real risk.

Dr. Handsfield, one of the docs in the links I gave you above, is a world-renowned clinician and researcher, with over 30 years experience, and he says that he's never seen any STI transmission where hands were the only source of possible exposure.

All you can do now is wait. You will be fine. :)
Hope it will be negative :(((
You are definitely overreacting over something that is completely irrelevant to your case.
You are a trained professional in the field of psychological aid, so I assume you must understand you are clearly experiencing an obvious case of psychological disorder.
I am in no position to criticize the cautious approach of Swedish medical bodies, but I can tell you that in Russia it is widely believe you can catch chlamydia via toilet seats and public pools. And no, there are no studies which prove that point. It is just a very conservative approach which is thought to limit the rate of infections.
Likewise. CDC clearly states that oral sex poses a risk for HIV, though it never happens in real life.
And you are biting your nails off over a pure theoretization.

Grau, teurer Freund, ist alle Theorie und grün des Lebens goldner Baum.
Still waiting for the results. Give me some good words and positive feelings
This is not an anxiety support service. As you were advised, you had no risk and your test results will be negative. You may post your negative results when you receive them, but there is no need to continue posting concerns about your no-risk event.

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You had no risk and you shouldn't be worried about STIs.
Okay, here we go again: any hand touch of to your penis aka "The Touch of Death" is very safe. It doesn't matter much whose hand it is and what this hand had touched before. It doesn't matter if the touching hand in question was dry or wet. We are no longer in 1923 and CSWs with active syphilis are extremely rare in most parts of the world.
You don't need to test for anything, you don't need even think about the "touching" encounter. If you keep thinking about it, it will feed your anxiety and will lead to serious psychological damage.
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Im actually only afraid of chlamydia, my problem is i want to do a test to put all of this behind me but in so scared of a false positive test, should i be?
There is no way to transmit chlamydia via hand touches. To develop a chlamydia infection one needs to have those chlamydia inside urethra: it is only possible during unprotected vaginal or anal sex.
Your fear of chlamydia is an issue worth addressing, not the infection but the fear.
Yes i agree. I Kinda want to take a rest to ease my mind. But in so afraid of false positive tests of that ny infection from 9 years ago still can produce a positive result..
Can i take a test? Or would you recommend against it
If you are afraid, you shouldn't do it. There is absolutely no use to do it. You don't have chlamydia.
Our hospital says the following about chlamydia and it is making me really confused and worried. It would really help with some explanation about what they are meaning..

How do you get chlamydia?
Chlamydia is usually spread through unprotected sex, either vaginal sex or anal sex.
Sometimes it is transmitted through oral sex. It can also be spread via heavy petting* and sex
Chlamydia does not spread through clothes, towels or on toilet surfaces because the bacteria
cannot survive outside of the body. You can catch chlamydia more than once.
*heavy petting = “touching”, stimulating another person sexually without intercourse, mutual
That is not true and it even contradicts basic biology. If chlamydia doesn't survive outside the body, how can it be transmitted by means of non-sexual contact?
The primary concern for chlamydia infection is urethritis which is the inflammation inside the urethra. Chlamydia doesn't have legs, it cannot run around your body. It has no ability to penetrate skin. How can it get inside your urethra from your penis skin?
The only way to be infected is to push infected bodily fluids inside urethra, that is what normally happens during vaginal/anal sex, extremely rarely during oral sex and never during touching (you can't push anything inside urethra with your hand).
The links by AuntieJesse provide a much better explanation than my primitive one, just take your time to read those.
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I also want to saym she touch her vagina alot before she touch med penis
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