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I was sexually assaulted back in may  there no penetration or oral. I was just physically beaten and my nose was broken. There was blood all over me and they weren’t sure if was my blood or his so I was put on pep. I tested at 24 weeks would this be accurate. He also tried to kiss me and he kept putting his hands over my mouth after touching his penis so I wouldn’t scream. I tested on august 29 for all and it was negative but haven’t tested for anything since besides hiv. My concern is I have all these painful oral ulcers that have been developing since September and I’m afraid I have Syphilis should I be concern even though I tested 14 week post exposure
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I'm sorry this happened to you.

If you tested at least a month after you finished your last dose of PEP, you are in the clear for HIV - no further testing needed.  If it's any consolation, an event like that is EXTREMELY low risk for HIV.
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I tested 4 months after pep on a 4th gen rapid test. He was confirmed hiv positive.
Your test is conclusive.  You did not get HIV from this event.
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I'm so sorry that happened to you.

There is no risk from him touching his penis then touching your mouth. Your 14 week test is conclusive.

Are the oral ulcers in the mouth or on your lips? In the mouth, they could be canker sores, which are often caused by stress. Has a doctor seen them?

How long were you on the PEP, and how long after the PEP did you test?
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I was on pep for 30 days and have tested out 24weeks out on a rapid 4th gen rapid test which have been negative. The canker sores are inside my mouth and tongue and also I had a blister on my lip that popped and went away. The person who beat me is confirmed hiv positive and charges have been pressed. I’m just concerned I came in contact with any sores and now I’m scared.
As CurfewX said, you are conclusively negative.

There was no risk for anything else. I hope this helps you as you move through recovery from this.
Hi AuntieJessie so my syphillis test was 14 weeks is conclusive even all these sores and etc and hiv test?
Yes, and you had no risk for syphilis.

Syphilis would require direct contact with a sore, which he wouldn't have on his hand, and you'd get a sore at the point of infection.

A syphilis sore is called a chancre, which is different from a canker sore.

As far as HIV and STDs, you are fine. I can't imagine how scary this has been, but you can let this part go. If I thought you had even the slightest thing to be concerned with here, I'd tell you so you could address it. This part can be over for you.
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