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Std worry / medication concern

I'm a male, 21 years old.
On Nov 9th I had protected penetrative sex with a girl, but I gave her unprotected oral.
On the 12th I had sex with this other girl but it was protected, I highly doubt that the condom broke
(I did not orgasm).

On the 13th I developed sever tonsillitis, they were very inflamed with a lot of white spots. I thought nothing of it and tried treating it at home but no help.
I went to gp and was given amoxicillin for a week, but it did not help.
During that week I started to urinate very frequently, I felt a bit of tingling/ discomfort in my urethra at random moments of the day, almost like something was passing through it (had no pain or burning when urinating).

At this point I became fearful of stds, specifically hiv.

I spoke with the gp and he downplayed those concerns and gave me cefuroxime and clindamycin for the tonsils, they helped a bit, but not enough to cure.
During that week I started to feel a random itch at different areas on my body and I noticed some small flat spots, they would itch a bit then disappear. Towards the ending of that antibiotic I had some diarrhea.

The girl I gave oral told me that her last partner was over 3 months ago, she did an hiv and herpes test and both were negative. The other girl also did an hit test and it was negative.

I went to an obgyn and Chlamydia or gonoreah was suspected, I did a urethra swab and the results were negative.
The obgyn said that I might have actually caught either one, but due to previous antibiotics it did not show up on in the test.

I was initially given ofloaxcin, but due to side effects after one dose I was switched to doxycycline for two weeks a few days later.

After taking the ofloaxcin I started to experience muscle twitching, I am wondering if that would be an hiv symptom.

I am now on day 7 of doxycycline, the tonsils are going down and the white spots are less now. I still have a bit of testicle discomfort from time to time. At the starting of the doxycycline I had serious stomach pain and I started having some lower back pain and neck pain.

I am concerned wether it might be caused by std or the antibiotic. I also had a severe headache yesterday, but it eased up today.

From what I described how likely is it that I might still have contracted hiv? Also if you are being treated for an std would you still have symptoms for said std while taking the medication?
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You had protected sex, so from that, the only things you'd be at risk for are herpes, syphilis and HPV, none of which would cause the symptoms you are experiencing.

From giving oral sex to someone with a vagina, you could get oral gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis. All are unlikely, and oral gonorrhea and chlamydia rarely present with symptoms.

HIV is not a risk with oral sex, and you used a condom, so HIV isn't a concern here.

You've been on a lot of antibiotics, so watch the diarrhea - there is something called c-diff, which is a serious condition.

Has anyone actually cultured your throat? I'm not sure what they'd get now after all the antibiotics, but if you don't continue to see improvement, maybe see a throat specialist. You could have strep throat, mono, or maybe something else entirely, but this doesn't sound like an STD.
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Thanks a lot for your reply.
I asked the first gp to do a rapid strep test, but I was told that the way the health care system is set up where I live it would take a few days for me to get a result.
I did make an appointment to meet a ent, but the soonest date I got was Dec 31st ( I still took it).

My tonsils are slowly getting better. I’ve been taking pics of them everyday to document it. The swelling has been going down and so have the white spots (still present, but less in quantity).

My concerns right now are the off and on testicle discomfort, the  and the uncomfortable feeling I randomly get in my urethra. I have no burning or pain when urinating, but at random moments I’d feel like something is passing through it.
I’ve read that the muscle twitching may be because of anxiety (I been going through hell with these symptoms).

I recently noticed my ejaculation was a bit more watery that usual.

I was hoping that if it was bacterial that the doxycyline I was given would have helped with these symptoms. Maybe I have to finish the full course to see them leave?
Nothing you did sexually would give you those symptoms in your testicles and urethra - that's why I said herpes, syphilis and HPV wouldn't give you those symptoms. You giving oral wouldn't cause those symptoms - giving oral only causes oral infections, not genital.

Also, the on and off of it all - that sounds like anxiety. Maybe you notice it when you are focusing on it, when you aren't busy and distracted?

Watery semen is not a sign of infection. It can happen when you ejaculate a lot, or have hormone issues, but if it's just a bit more watery, it's not a cause for concern usually.

You've also been on a lot of antibiotics. Some of this may be side effects from that.

Is anxiety normally an issue for you? If it is, you should talk to your doctor about that. This is NOT an STD situation. I don't know what's happening with your throat, and I'm sure it's miserable, but it's not caused by an STD.
Honestly now that you’ve mentioned it I’ve thought back and I think I may suffer from panic attacks/anxiety or whatever it may be, especially when things aren’t going how they should.
It sounds like you might, but I'm not a doctor or mental health professional. You can talk to your doctor about it, though. Therapy and/or medication can really help, and your doctor can help determine which options might work best for you.
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