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Three and a half months ago, I was with a prostitute whose condition was unknown, placed over me and rubbed her vagina on my unprotected penis for 30 seconds
I tried to insert the penis by force but did not enter, I did not have any symptoms but after 10 weeks I had a joint pain for 10 days and after 3 months of exposure I suffered a slight pain in the throat and prick at the head of the penis and feel light burning in the urinary and this after urination and I did not have any lesions in the genital area ,i had a test hiv After 3 months résult négative I fear that I will be infected with another stds ,
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It's unlikely that you have an STD that is giving you symptoms 3 months later, and no STD would give you a sore throat unless you gave oral sex, but since you are having symptoms, and they have lasted so long, why not get tested for the other STDs and find out? You should also ask to be checked for a urinary tract infection, which has nothing to do with sex or STDs.
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I had test anti hiv , syphilis , hbs , After 3 months résult négative
None of those would cause burning while you urinate.

Gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU could, as would an urinary tract infection. You should get tested for those.
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