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Strong odor & occasional discharge

I'm not really sure what's wrong with me. Currently I'm not sexually active.. I'm 19. However a year ago or so I was sexually active with 2 people that could have passed along a disease.
Anyway, occasionally Ill have a thick cottage cheese like discharge but here lately thats cleared up. Ive had this issue for a little over 3-4 months. But constantly I have the same terribly foul fishy odor coming from my vagina. Honestly its so bad i think something crawled up there and died. I can smell it with my legs crossed. I can smell it walking. I can smell it laying in bed. Its TERRIBLE. I cant even stand next to people because Im sure they smell it too.
Ive looked up everything. BUT because Im not itchy at all I dont know what could be my problem. I only have the two symptoms. and the first isnt even an issue now.
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definitely go and be seen and get basic testing done. this is more likely bv than anything else but you might also have yeast going on too. covering your bases for std's is also a good idea since you want to protect your future fertility.

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... forgot to tell you that you def need to be seen by a physician/clinic about this and you need to be  treated for whatever is going on down there.

Good luck let us know what they said.
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WOW, you think "something crawled up there and died."   Let's hope that is not the case.

It would be rare that this is indeed an STD as your last exposure was a year ago.   Of course you've had this for over 4 months now, so we can't really say.  But the timeline does look encouraging for you that its not STDs related.  

Here are things that it come to mind and are not STDs per say.

Bacterial Vaginosis, and yeast infection.

You should also test for chlamydia and gonorrhea via urine test just to be on the safe side and rule those out.

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