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Symtoms of STDs

Hi everyone.

I have
unprotected bj from a sex worker on Jan 22

another unprotected bj from another sex worker on Jan 28

And unprotected bj and protected vaginal sex from another sex worker on Feb 7

On Feb 9 I find out there was discharge on my penis. I came to lab check same day for STDs and HIV ab/ag test. The tests turn out everything negative. Doctor gave me doxycyclin for a week, the discharge stopped couple days after. However, I had protected vaginal sex couple days after and I found discharge on my penis again.

I came back for another STDs and HIV ag/ab test again 2 days ago on Fed 09.  HiV turned out negative, still waiting for STDs result. But I feel some HIV symptoms like muscle pain, white tongue and small rash.

Are there any STDs with the symptoms above?

Any STDs can't be detect in 1 month from the day of exposure?

Thank you
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The symptoms you are experiencing have nothing to do with HIV, which is most often completely asymptomatic. Googling HIV symptoms is a bad idea: it only leads to more anxiety.
HIV isn't passed during oral sex, so, it is out of the question.
Penile discharge may or may not be connected to your oral sex episodes; your story of testing is very confusing.

When was your most recent STD test? February. 9th? And your results are not ready for a month? That is very strange.
Did you do an urethral swab during your most reason STD test?
Do you still have discharge now?
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Sorry for the confusion. I got 1st test on 9 Feb and the result came out a week after which everything was negative. But I still got discharge on and off until 2 days ago. So I decided to go back see the doctor and get the 2sd test on March 9 which I am still waiting for the result. Doctor gave me different antibiotic on March 9 and the discharge stop now. But I still have the symptoms mentioned above.
There is a possibility your test on Feb 9 was false negative - it was done a bit too soon for NGU and doxy might have affected the results too.
You should forget about HIV and minor symptoms like muscle pain and white tongue (those are irrelevant) and concentrate on discharge issue. What was your test for gonorrhea and chlamydia on March, 9th? Did you have a very unpleasant swab inside your penis or did they just take a urine sample? The latter is not too reliable.
Do you feel pain during urination or having sex?
I got a test for everything I means all kind of STDs on March 9th. They took both my urine sample and swab inside my penis. Literally everything is the same the first test. The first time the discharge stopped after I took doxy, then it happen again after I have sex. I feel like having sex makes it worse and I stop for now. I only feel pain on urethra when the discharge happens.
Test results on March 9th should be definitive. Let us wait for the results (those should be negative).
Do you have a regular partner you engage in unprotected sex with?

You see, urethral infections normally don't work that way, they are not triggered by sex. If your urethra is inflamed, you should feel it every time you urinate, not only when you have sex. There must be something else: allergy, psychological trauma, chronic prostatitis, we can guess all we want.
I got my test results out today

Gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis are negative. I took a week of moxifloxacin and the discharge on my penis gone. Is there any chance of false negative on any of them?
You should trust the test results and move on.
Should I take the tests again after a month for conclusion? I heard that syphilis takes longer to find out. I did TPHA and RPR test. Do you think if they are reliable?
Syphilis can take longer, but it's less common than other STDs, and unless you've had a sore, I wouldn't worry about testing for that again. The vast majority of people test positive by 6 weeks, so I wouldn't bother testing again.

The TPHA and RPR are reliable tests.
I see. Thank you very much guys. I appreciate it.
Hi it's me again. I am not sure what happens with me. I had no discharge after taking antibiotics. I have no problem and feel nothing when I urinate. But my urethra got burning and swollen after I cum.  And I keep getting discharge on my penis again 2 days after having sex. Is it a symptoms of any STDs?
Unlikely any STIs.
It is very hard to tell what exactly it is with the limited information we have.
It may be your partner's bacteria if you have unprotected sex.
It may be allergy if you use condoms. Or if you use some sort of a lubricant.
It may be your troubled mind and your inability to move past the episode you described (anxiety alone may produce all sorts of symptoms).
It may be lots of things but it is hardly an STI. STIs don't usually come and go. STIs are not triggered by sex. And you tested negative for STIs.
Whatever it is it's probably caused by something different, something you haven't described.
So grobick 2000 , are you saying that a urine sample is not too reliable for gon and chlam !!
I had the same idea about what you talked too. Then I stopped having sex 2 weeks ago. I only mastubate. I had sex too much before do you think that the reason hurting my urethra causing discharge?
Stomper - The urine tests, providing they are NAAT tests, are very accurate.

Mh - I don't know what "too much sex" is. Some people have sex daily - sometimes more than once daily, and it's fine for them.

The only thing I can think of that MIGHT be triggered by sexual activity is prostatitis, but if you aren't experiencing symptoms when you masturbate, that seems unlikely, too.

How much of this do you think could be anxiety, honestly?
Auntijessi : that’s what I thought , I’m just going by what grobick said.

? Did you have a very unpleasant swab inside your penis or did they just take a urine sample? The latter is not too reliable.
No, I understand why you ask.

The newer urine tests - the NAATs - are very reliable. They might do a culture still if you have discharge they can test, or don't have the urine tests available, but the urine tests are fine.
I am sorry for the confusion. Urine NAAT
(PCR/LCR) tests are definitely very good and reliable and recommended by many medical organizations.
There are many older urine sample tests still performed for STI screening, including LET dipstick tests.
auntiejessi:  I wish it was anxiety like you said but the problem is I could really feel the burning and see the discharge.

I talked to my doctor today on the phone. I told her about my mastubation and she insisted that my penis got infected from my hand and I got to come back for urine test again since the result from last time was not correct. If I had prostatitis, would it be showed on the urine test?
When you say discharge, is it clear? Cloudy? Is there a color? When do you see it? Do you have to squeeze to see it?

Prostatitis can show on a urine test, with increased white blood cells, but not always. You need prostate exams - maybe with fingers, imaging, etc.
I saw it in the morning. It's not much and I have to squeeze to see it. I feel like friction make it worse especially my urethra. Before the first time seeing discharge, I mastubate alot as well.

I am going to another doctor on Saturday for prostate exams as well.
Discharge in the morning is normal, and if you have to squeeze to see it, it's not considered discharge. Most men will see fluid if they milk or squeeze their penis enough.

Burning can be from dehydration, irritation from certain foods, alcohol or caffeine.

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