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Syphilis RPR test conclusiveness after 6 months

I had a risky sexual encounter Dec 5th 2019, used a condom, but had unprotected oral.

I got the full battery of tests including the RPR done in Feb 2020 by my doctor and again in May 2020 with an at home test everything was negative/non-reactive.

I got a little freaked out recently because I noticed what looked like glossitis/inflammation on my tongue. I was reading how Syphilis “immitates” other diseases, the glossitis/inflammation lasted less than a week, I used some oral rinses and went bananas with oral hygiene all week, my tongue looks back to normal.

It’s been a year now since my last test which was 6 months after my potential exposure and I’ve only been with one, not-risky partner since.

So my questions:
Would that RPR test at 6 months last year have been conclusive? Could something like secondary syphilis show up in my mouth now?

If the glossitis/inflammation on my tongue was from Syphilis, would it go away in a week with oral rinse, or is it just something common?

Should I do another test?
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Also, my dr said I have oral thrush, I’ve been taking anti-fungal medication.
That was the issue with my tongue.
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I'm happy to hear you're negative. :)

And you aren't an idiot. Anxiety plays awful tricks on your mind. I hope you consider getting some help for that.

Hope you feel better soon!
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I had another round of testing done.
All clear for any STD/STI.
I feel like an idiot.

I suppose I have some work to do mentally.
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Ya, I would wonder if you don't have a little anxiety in general. Do you?  That's a long time to worry about an encounter from 2019.  Talk to your doctor about some help with anxiety if this impacts you at all in terms of not being able to let it go or if it is many things that cause this reaction.  
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That’s pretty astute
I have massive anxiety in general, and I’m going through a big move right now.

I guess what you’re trying to say is that if I had syphilis from that Encounter, it would have shown up in the test 6 months later and I’m probably just feeling guilty about it.
I have considered this and it’s probably the case, but wanted to rule out, for certain, the medical issue.

I’ve calmed down in the last week or so.
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That test would be conclusive.
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Ok thanks
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