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Syphilis Test RPR Question

Hi, I may have been exposed to syphilis by having protected vaginal sex with a girl and receiving a protected blowjob. I was on doxycycline antibiotic for a week for something else and then i waited one week after coming off doxy before i tested for syphilis with the RPR syphilis test. The test came out negative. My question is the following:
After being on doxycycline for one week, then testing for syphilis one week later (after being off the doxy for a week), is this test a false negative or can I trust the test? I've had headaches and peripheral neuropathy everyday for the last 3 weeks. And, are these symptoms of syphilis?

Please help as I'm anxious. Thank you.
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It is highly unlikely that you'd get syphilis - or anything else - from protected sex and protected oral. What makes you think you got syphilis?

Is this the March encounter you are worried about? If so, you wouldn't have any neuro symptoms of syphilis. Those don't happen for literal decades of untreated syphilis.

Right now, you'd just have a sore on your penis, and maybe a rash.

The doxy wouldn't affect your testing, and assuming it's been 6 weeks since the encounter when you tested, your results are conclusively negative.
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Well,  I'm referring to my encounter in late February and I tested on April 3 and received a negative for syphilis and HIV. I thought I had a chancre on my penis shaft but it could've just been a pimple or something. I used protection for the oral received and vaginal intercourse. Yes, my symptoms are constant headache everyday and peripheral neuropathy (hands and feet) for last 3 weeks. I'm also feeling lymph nodes under my arms. Can you please advise and confirm?
Again, as long as it was 6 weeks - "late February" is not that specific - your syphilis test is conclusive.

If you had protected oral and intercourse, your risk for syphilis is very, very low, and you had no risk for HIV.

I don't know what is causing your symptoms, but it isn't syphilis or HIV. Continue to work with your doctor.
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