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Syphilis chancre characteristics

Hey, I recieved unprotected oral sex from someone who is not my wife. I have been in a relationship with them for sometime, atleast 8 years and we are all clean of all stis.

Anyway I noticed something on my genital area, which to be honest I don't no what to think. I have looked at pictures of chancres on Google and it looks nothing like it. My ones just flat and for me too look at it properly I have to zoom in with my phone camera, where as the pictures on Google say chancres are raised, painless with an oozing white centre.

My ones just flat and white and looks like a cut that's about to heal.  

I've showed both my wife and and the other person I'm in a relationship with and they tell me it's nothing, they both have touched it aswell

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Agreed, but you should get it checked by a doctor. Just because it's not an STI doesn't mean it's not something that needs medical attention.
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Thanks for reply.

I mean I'm only worried about syphilis because that's the only thing I can think of. Pictures on Google show white and red  round, raised and very aggressive looking. My one does look round but nothing like the ones on the picture.
Don't diagnose yourself from a pic. Go get it checked out and find out what it is. :)
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You're right, Chancres are often painless blisters which are obvious to see. If its small and is not a collection of them, I wouldn't be worried and definitely don't think its STI based.
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