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Syphilis test and symptoms


Had an exposure 8 weeks back.Unprotected oral sex and fingering. Did VDRL/TPHA test in medical lab on 4th and 6th week.Both tests were negative. Did not have any syphilis sore as i was constantly checking everyday and there wasn't a chance i could have missed it. However on day 54th noticed 4 red dots kinda rashes on left feet and 3 on right feet. No rashes on the bottom of feet or palms or other area of my body. One day before the rash appeared i resumed jogging after 2 weeks of inactivity due to stress. And i wore my old used socks and did not changed to a new one. Now i am in dilemma if this a syphilis rash or just some fungal rash. Immediately after noticing this, today i went to a lab and did VDRL test and rapid TP alere syphilis test. Both came back negative. Can i rule out that this is not syphilis.
Can i say that my syphilis test at 4th, 6th and today's test on 55th day/8 weeks i assume as is conclusive despite the rash i have.
Please help me.
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You did not say if you gave or received oral sex. Either way the chances are so low that it is not wroth worrying about. The initial symptoms is called a chancre which is an often painless blister.  the rash comes after. Your 8th week test (though conclusively is usually 12 weeks) and the risk of your encounter would lead me to believe that you most likely do not have syphilis.
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Hi i received oral sex. I was in an understanding that the conclusive test for syphilis is 6 weeks based on the earliet posts in the forum. So now 12 weeks is conclusive? Not 6 week?
Most people will test positive by 6 weeks, though officially, it's 12. Syphilis is uncommon in most places, and since your risk is only that you received oral sex, your risk is very low.  

I wouldn't spend any more time worrying about this.
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