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Syphilis testing after little over 2 years of exposure

Hello everyone, my last sexual contact was little over two years ago with my ex girlfriend. I accidentally came into contact with her period blood orally while doing oral sex. I recently got tested for syphilis and others and it came back as VDLR-RPR: Negative titer. However, after doing some reading, I saw that after a period of time the accuracy of these tests decreases, but I couldn’t understand the exact timeframe. How accurate is mine condisering the time gap between the exposure and testing? Should I get tested with something different? I’m not sure about the syphilis statistics of my country, but as far as I know, it’s been on the rise. I appreciate your input in advance.
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As your question has been fully answered on this and your other thread, we are closing it.

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Syphilis screening testing is still quite accurate at two years mark. You don't need to test again as you don't have syphilis.
Now a few words about RPR and other non-treponemal syphilis screening tests. Yes, they may sometimes miss a case of very late syphilis (well over two years) as well as a very early case, but that information is only valid for patients who: 1) had sexual contact with a person with confirmed syphilis; 2) have symptoms that strongly suggest syphilis; 3) had untreated syphilis before.
Since you don't fall into any of those groups and you never had a real risk (what you described is a very low risk encounter, period blood doesn't make much difference), the only problem you're facing is reading too much on the topics you don't quite understand.
Syphilis is on the rise everywhere in the world; it is mostly connected to increased cases among MSMs who practice unsafe sex. But it is still an uncommon disease and it is unreasonable to fear syphilis after such a long time period.
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Thank you so much for your insightful response. I am not sure about the exact time frame, but it was around the tail end of 2020 probably December. We were together for over 3 months prior to that incident, but got seperated after Christmas. Judging by your comment, the months don’t really matter since it has to be much longer for the test to be a false negative. I didn’t have any risky behaviors with her apart from unprotected oral. She was a heterosexual woman. We were both 23 years old at the time.
You got it right: months don't matter. It usually takes years of disease to produce a false negative RPR result and it happens very rarely as late stages of syphilis are quite rare these days. Moreover, active syphilis is usually quite symptomatic and, unlike HIV, isn't quite easy to miss. I assume you never had any alarming skin symptoms.
Age and sex groups (except MSMs) don't matter much either: in most countries syphilis is not common as it is easily controlled by active screening and effective treatments.
I strongly suggest you should move on: syphilis is not a concern for you.
Thank you again. I think VDLR and RPR tests are both non-treponemal tests, so the same rules apply. I don’t remember having any symptoms. I checked the pictures I took during that time, and couldn’t recognize any odd body problems. I sometimes get geographical tongue. I get smooth legions on my tongue, but I don’t think a syphilis sore could be mistaken as geographical tongue. I remember the lesions hurting as well. Regardless whether I had symptoms or not, the test is reliable regardless I think.

Thank you so much for your time.
Your risk was coming into contact with her period blood orally and this has made you have this level of anxiety for 2 years? This was your girlfriend you say. Did she have syphilis? Anxiety sure does trick us int overthinking.
This is my way of suggesting that you seek help with a therapist and stop obsessing about syphilis at this point. I mean that in a supportive way as this is causing a lot of undue angst. Take care
I understand your view, thank you. I don’t think she ever got tested for stds since she always use protection. That’s what she told me at least. My concern is oral contact with vagina and period blood. I’ve haven’t thought too much of it until now since I have a new girlfriend and we’re getting serious for our relationship, and planning on moving to another country for school. I want to be sure of everything beforehand in order to eliminate and surprises down the road.
She was your girlfriend for 3 months.  I'm not sure why you suspect she had syphilis secretly.  You tested negative. You are being told that you are worrying for no reason at this point but you are trapped by your anxiety. Trust your test results.
I'm only commenting on this as you sent me a private message about it.

I agree totally with the others. Grobick is absolutely correct - your tests are reliable, and you can believe them, even at 2 years.

On your other thread, Gaz is correct that period blood doesn't increase your risk from oral sex.

GuitarRox is right in that your anxiety is a concern. A therapist is a good idea.
Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your time and thoughtful responses.
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