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So on the 93th day after potential exposure I got myself tested with a home TP Rapid (the name of the brand is “one step syphilis” wich already has a sertification by Indonesian ministry of health) The result is negative, can this considered to be conclusive and I don’t have syphilis ? even though I have a suspect chancre on my pubic area about a month ago (6-7 weeks after potential exposure)?
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Yes, that test looks to be really accurate, with a sensitivity of 99.63% and a specificity of 99.93% (https://www.rapidtest.com/pdf/Syphilis_Serum_WB_Plasma_RapiCard%20176501-40-12%20(2017-2-9).pdf)

This means that it can accurately identify those who are positive and those who are negative at almost 100%. (No test is 100%.) Since you did it after 90 days, it's conclusive. I'm not sure what your sore was - how long did it last? A chancre lasts about 3 weeks, usually, and is painless.

If you're still concerned, you can get a blood test done by your doctor to confirm.

What was your exposure?
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thanks for your answer
I’m sorry but I don’t think the test you mentioned is the one I used
I used this test ( http://onestep.co.id/syphilis-tes-pack-2/ )

For the chancre, It start with a painfull papule, my first thought is that it was an abscess because it’s painful and there were like 4 of them and by 3 days it ulcerated into chancre, one of them is wide and the other look small, what made me concern is that it is not really that painful when it turned to chancre. the chancre then heals within 1 and a half weeks, maybe 2 weeks at most

my exposure is oral sex with a CSW
and should I concern about HIV too ? I did a CMIA duo at 30 days post possible  exposure and it was negative
As we advised you several times in the HIV forum, you were never at risk for HIV and did not need to be concerned, and you didn't need a test for HIV.
If you look at the top of the link I gave you, it says OneStep, but all IgM/IgG antibody tests are the same, and have that kind of accuracy.

The sore you describe isn't a chancre. It could be an infected hair follicle, herpes, a staph infection, or a lot of other things. Did a doctor ever see it? If it comes back, you should really let a doctor see it and culture it to see if a bacteria or virus is causing it.

Oral sex is not a risk for HIV, and a 30 day duo test is conclusive anyway. You don't need to worry.
so my syphilis test is conclusive then ? and I don’t need future testing ?

yes I went to a dermatologist and he said don’t worry about syphilis because the chancre usually appears on the penis, then he prescribed me 5 days antibiotics. he doesn’t do any culture tho
Did I not already address this in another post of yours? There is no need to worry and your test confirms this.
Oh you're right, SillyMistake. I should have checked.

There's no need to go through all this again. You've already has all this explained.

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