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The Doxycycline Treatment Experience

I was wondering if anyone here has used Doxycycline to treat a urinary tract infection and the resulting effects of their treatment have been.

I have been prescribed this medication due to a suspected urinary tract infection possibly caused by an STD, even though all of these STDs: HIV, Syphilis, Chylmadia, Gonorrea, have been done WELL outside of their testing window, and they have all come back negative. Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma are possibilities. I'm having tests run on that to make sure so we can rule out prostatitis and HSV-2 urethra infection.

I have been on Doxycycline since Monday (so, approximately 88 or 90 hours since I started), and yesterday, around 64 hours after beginning the medicine, there was an absolutely CRAZY increase in my urination frequency and output. It seems as though every 1 to 3 hours, I'm urinating a good half days worth of urine. The color is normal and everything. The urine doesn't have a foul smell or anything. While this is going on, I'm feeling very thirsty and dehydrated. I keep drinking water, and it seems to just run right through me! (If it were any faster, it could be in a Looney Toons cartoon!)

So, I contacted a pharmacist since my doc is out until Tuesday. He wasn't aware of what I was using the medication for at the time (he probably thought just for acne or something), so he said I should use my mother's diabetes testing kit. My blood sugar comes back 88, and I retest it just to confirm, and it's 86 a few minutes later. So diabetes isn't causing it. But in actuality, it turns out I probably really did have an infection. But I'm not entirely sure, which is the reason of my posting.

If you have been on Doxycycline for an STD or UTI, have any of you experienced anything like increased urination and output, dehydration, and increased thirst?
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this isn't normal.

if your regular doctor is out for the weekend, follow up with whoever is covering for him.

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Just a small update, excessive urination went from every 30 minutes to an hour, to about every 3 hours, then returned to normal after this morning. I have only urinated once today, and that is when I woke up this morning, approximately 7 hours ago. Hydrated and well nourished as well.
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The excessive urinating has lowered considerably. I called the pharmacist back, and he says it's normal to experience increased urination when clearing up a Urinary Tract Infection with the Doxycycline.
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