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Unprotected Oral Sex

Hello, I am a 36 year old heterosexual male in a long term relationship. Two days ago I went to an Asian massage parlor with no intentions other than a massage. When she flipped me over she started sucking on my penis. It caught me off guard, I was turned on, and ejaculated between 20 and 30 seconds. I quickly got dressed and got out of there. After about 15-20 minutes I slathered hand sanitizer all over my penis (ouch).

The anxiety has been UNBEARABLE, taking Xanax to help calm me down. Another note, I drink a lot of caffeine and I try to stay hydrated but I’m not always peeing clear. My urethra usually hurts slightly when I pee, especially when I ejaculate a lot.

I went back the next day and had her let me examine the inside of her mouth with a flashlight (ballsy, I know). I couldn’t see anything weird. She assured me she’s healthy.

I understand the chances of HIV are probably low. What about all of the other STDs? And when should I go get tested?

Thank you!
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Hope I can help. Few general comments first.
The sanitiser was a bad idea, it wouldn’t have prevented any STI and could easy be the cause of your discomfort.
People in the sex trade are actually lower risk than you’d think, they are tested regularly as a generalisation.
Second even people at high risk, they are infected in the mouth less than other areas, and even when infected it seems transmission is not as efficient mouth to penis. I’d also have to imagine the brief contact is even lower risk, but of course no studies to back this up.

No STI become symptomatic as quick as you seemed to have the quickest Gonorrhoea and Herpes takes at least two days and that will be on the fast side.

So we can say this was low risk for any and all STI

Your most likely risks is Gonorrhoea, Herpes, NGU and Syphilis as these are the ones most often spread by oral.

Gonorrhoea - in males, way over 90% of infections lead to obvious pus dripping from the penis. No symptoms after a week Is good evidence that you are not infected.

Herpes - again 5-10 days it’s likely you will get blisters on your penis if infected. While not conclusive it’s reassuring to say you saw no blisters on the lips of the lady. Makes transmission very unlikely after one small contact.

Syphilis - very rare almost all over the world and it seems to be fairly isolated to the homosexual community. So it would be rare if this lady had it, syphilis requires direct contact with a sore caused by syphilis to transmit. The sore is normally on the penis, vagina or anus - is somewhat rare but can be in the mouth. It’s not conclusive but looking in her mouth and seeing nothing is reassuring. In the Very unlikely situation you was infected 2-4 week after you will see a sore that’s probably not painful at the site of infection this will quickly ulcerate.

NGU - is a syndrome not a Bactria or virus and it can be caused by many different bacteria that is introduced from sex. Again NGU been a syndrome is always symptomatic - with discharge and/or burning urination onset between 1-2 week.

So that’s the most obvious ones to be on look out for.

You are at somewhat less risk for chlamydia and HPV

Chlamydia - for someone reason Chlamydia is not well suited to the throat and doesn't really infect it. When it does more often than not it’s not viable and so doesn’t transmit, and like mentioned above all STI are harder to transmit mouth to penis.
It happens but very rare to see transmission mouth to penis.
But unfortunately anything up to 50% of infections can be asymptomatic.

HPV - again seems rare from oral sex and it’s a virus that almost everyone gets at some point in your life. Don’t worry about this.

I think thanks a good run down of your risks. In fact combining the type of encounter, the length of encounter and not having symptoms (after two week) I’d personally be happy not to test I just don’t see a risk high enough to personally warrant it.

However I’m not you, and you seem to be struggling with this so please test. It will help with your anxiety. You can however expect negative results.

You can test for
Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia after one week for reliable results.

Syphilis is a bit harder id say from what I read that the test is reliable somewhere between 6-8 week but don’t be surprised if your care giver recommends 12 week. Your risk of syphillis is so low that I urge you not to worry. Also if you get a sore it can be swabbed for accurate results just so you know. If you get a sore go to a clinic then don’t wait 6 week.

The others no real test for unless you become symptomatic NGU they swab the discharge so if you get that go to a clinic as and when.

Herpes they swab the blister again go to a clinic if you get any strange lump or bump.

HPV no test and like I said everyone gets this. It’s as common as the cold.

Hope this helps, sorry it’s a lot of Reading but I like to give as much info as I can.

Thank you! That’s does make me feel better. I’d hate to pass this onto my partner so I will probably go get tested at week 2.
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