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Unprotected oral sex

Hi, last week (26th may) I had an unprotected oral sex with an prostitute. Today I felt a burning/warm sensation on my testicles whenever I sit. No pain, no swollen, no any fluid discharge. Will it be any STD I should worried about? Please advise.
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STIs do not common infect the testicles and oral carries a lower risk than vaginal/anal.

There is something called epididymitis which often happens with chlamydia and gono but it lieu of other symptoms it remains unlikely. Also this pain comes from the testicle itself and not the sack and pain is there most of the time so it does not sound like this.

Reality is that this is anxiety or maybe a minor reaction on the skin from something unrelated. Give it a rest for a few days and if no better, see your normal doctor. They can do STI test if warranted and investigate further.
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Hi, yesterday I went to see Doctor. Doctor told me is prostatitis. He gave me some Ciprofloclxacin (antibiotics) & Prednisolone (anti swelling). Will blow job lead to prostatitis?
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potentially but so can lots of other things! ive had it myself with no cause
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