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Unsure of symptoms

Breakdown of situation, 33 year old male

2/20 - Unprotected encounter, oral and vaginal with 26 year old promiscuous woman. After, became very concerned about possible STD and began self-checking and looking for symptoms.
2/25 - Urine test for gonnorhea and chlamydia through labcorp, Negative.
3/1 - Noticed what I thought to be swelling and redness in urethral opening, no pain or discharge, but irritation when urethral opening would touch inside of underwear. Went away after a couple of days.
3/4 - Went to urologist who said everything looked fine.  Urethral swelling not really noticeable.  Gave urine to check for UTI, also a urethral swab (after urinating) for gonnorhea and chlamydia so I'm unsure of accuracy. Negative
3/10 - Still self checking, began to notice a slight tingle in the urethra, nothing significant but noticeable.  Came and went for a day or so.
3/19 - Blood test for HIV, awaiting results.
3/20 - Began noticing the tingling again, comes and goes.
Today - Still feeling the tingling periodically, occassionally feel urethral discomfort but not significant.  No discharge at any time or pain during urination.  Urinate frequently but have always had that problem.

I am planning to test for HIV again, along with syphills, and HSV at 8 weeks.


1. Does this sound like the syptoms of an STD?
2. Would you trust my negative chlamydia and gonnorhea results?
3. I was not tested for NGU or Trich, should I look into that.
4. How noticeable is penile discharge?

Thanks for your help.
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Why are you posting on someone elses thread?
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Still feeling the slight tingling but it comes and goes so I would assume that is not typical of an std.  I've seen that testicular pain can be a symptom but what type of pain is normal, a dull ache or sharp pain?  I've been experiencing a somewhat dull ache but it could be that I am focusing on it too much.
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There is a test for trich in men, it is just that it is not always able to pick up the infection.

Self checking can often make "symptoms" appear due to anxiety and irritation.
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Thanks Vance.  I'll look into testing for NGU, just to be safe.  The  more I think about it the more noticeable my syptoms become so I would assume it is related to anxiety.  My urethra is irritated and slightly red though, could that be a result of the constant checking?  Also, is it true that there isn't really a test for Trich in men?  Thanks again.
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1. Not really and with 2 negative tests not one of those STD's you have tested for.
2. Yes
3. NGU maybe, but normally discharge is associated with it, Trich...probably not
4. Very, may start out as just stains on underwear but then turns into very notcible and presistant throughout the day.
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