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Ureaplasma treatment

Hi everyone,

I started getting irregularly a discharge of 1 drop of sometimes white, sometimes transparent drop out of my urethra in the morning . It was not bothering me, because it was occasional, however, I still decided to see a doctor.

He asked for a Gram stain culture test and a Urine test for STD PCR Panel.

The culture test showed small amounts of gram +ve and -ve bacteria but no growth, however, the Urine test showed that I have mycoplasma and ureaplasma.

Doc prescribed doxycycline and after finishing the course I re-did the tests and the results were the same.

The doctor said I shouldn't take any more antibiotics and that I should just not worry about it because:

there are no symptoms and I should not be infecting anyone.
the amount of ureaplasma bacteria is so small that it doesn't show up in the gram stain culture test if it was above a certain threshold, it would have shown up and antibiotic sensitivity would have been tested.
I wouldn't be infecting anyone
Is this conclusion correct or should I go see another doctor?

Test results below: (there might be some typos as I had to write the text, wasn't possible to upload pic)
Gram Stain (Direct Smear)
Report: GRAM STAIN, Few Epithelial Cells, Moderate Pus Cells, Few Gram-Positive Bacilli, Few Gram Positive Cocci in Pairs


Culture and Sensitivity: Urethral
Specimen Source: Urethral Swab
Specimen Site:  Urethra

Report: Normal Urethral Flora Grown, No Pathogen isolated


STD PCR Panel - 13 STDs
Ureaplasma Parvum - Detected
Mycoplasma Genitalium - Detected
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I think I'd trust your doctor.  Here is information on mycoplasma that then goes on to talk about ureoplasma.  https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/mycoplasma-infections#1.  When you get the section on ureoplasma, you will see that it states that some men simply have this in their urethra. Lucky you, right?  But this bacteria can exist in small amounts and not cause symptoms or problems. If  you were to develop symptoms of urethritis, then you go back to the doctor.  

And if you don't feel confident in this diagnosis and plan of action (or no action in your case) by your doctor, then yes, by all means seek a second opinion on it.  

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