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Very Worried about NGU

Hello everyone, about 10-12 days ago I had a casual encounter with a woman(both in 30s). We did not have sex, however we had genital to genital contact for about 20seconds. At which point we stopped entirely. The next day or two I masterbated a few times a day as I was feeling pretty pent up. About 48 hours later I noticed a dull ache in my right testicle that lasted for a few hours on and off. I was immediately concerned I got an STD, and began over the next few days began to look for signs and inspect my urethra. I noticed a very slight burn (not pain at all just discomfort) after peeing that lasted 10m or so. So I decided to get an STD test around the 7 day mark in accordance with the testing facilities instructions. I came back negative for Trichomoniasis, Chlamydia & Gonorrhea, and Syphilis. I am still feeling discomfort in my urethra (no crazy feeling of needing to urinate, no discharge) and an off/on dull ache in my testicle area. What is the likelihood that I contracted anything? I’m wondering if I may have a NGU or something else. Should I try and get on antibiotics or wait and see if something else comes up? Should I get tested again? Thanks in advance.
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Don't take antibiotics you don't need. That's how resistance is created.

NGU doesn't happen from rubbing. It happens when bacteria or virus gets into your urethra through penetration - oral, vaginal or anal.

How much of this could be anxiety? You seem very anxious for such a brief encounter with such low risk.

Try increasing your water, decreasing alcohol and caffeine. Maybe you're just a little dehydrated.
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I can definitely try cutting caffeine and alcohol, and yes I am pretty anxious-I’m not sure if I’m over analyzing or not. Unfortunately , I am not as educated as I should have been with sexual risks,etc.
You are definitely overthinking this.

20 seconds of anything sexual is not likely going to result in a transmission. It takes time and friction, usually the kind associated with intercourse.

And if anxiety is an issue for you, you should talk to your doctor about that.

If it's because you might have gone outside a relationship, remember that guilt doesn't equal risk.
Thank you, I appreciate the response and feedback! Really helpful honestly
Glad to help. :)

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