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Weird Rash on Upper back STD related?


I visited a massage parlor on March 3rd. I got a table shower and a happy ending. During the massage the masseuse leaned in and licked the outer part of my anus to my ball-sack and I asked her to stop. This probably lasted 3 seconds. There was no other part of her body that touched me other than her hands.

Three days later I took a long hike and developed a rash around my anus due to what I believe was rubbing skin and that I wasn’t able to clean myself properly after having a bowel movement for several hours due to the hike. The next day I took another hike and the rash seemed to worsen. It is red and sensitive, with one or two small blisters and one seems to have opened but there is no major bleeding or a weird smell, just soreness. It has since completely healed and went away.

Do you think I got some form of STI or STD that gave me the rash and should I worry or is it more likely due to the hiking and fecal matter that was rubbed around my anus for several miles / hours? Thanks!

Update: I have a very small rash on my upper back right in the center that appeared 4/5 days ago. The rash appears as small circles and does not itch. It disappears with Allegra allergy meds but hasn’t gone away. The circles are perhaps smaller than a nickel and there is only maybe 4 of them and are light in color. Is there any way this could be related to an STD/STI?
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Im pretty sure you have posted this before.....

Anyway, there is no risk of transmission of any STI here.
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There is an update at the bottom, the rest is for context...........

My question had to do with the rash per my post. Thanks.
No relation whats so ever
Totally agree.
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Help anyone?
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